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1. “Production and Operations Analysis” by Steven Nahmias

Book Review: This book presents the analytical methods that are used to support the functions of production and operations management. The book also covers state of the art quantitative models that are used in operations and are presented in an easy to understand manner. The book also teaches higher level courses, different examples and many more. This is a very good textbook for senior level undergraduate production and operations analysis courses.

2. “Supply Chain Management” by Sunil Chopra and Peter Meindl

Book Review: This book is suitable for senior level undergraduate supply chain management courses. The book also provides a framework for understanding supply chain management. The book introduces high level strategy and concepts thereby providing the students with practical method that help them solve supply chain problems. The book guides the students with key drivers of supply chain performance that includes inventory, transportation, sourcing and pricing. The book is also equipped with many case study examples where students can learn the dangers of poor supply chain management.

3. “Production and Operations Management: An Applied Modern Approach” by Joseph S Martinich

Book Review: The book covers many quantitative methods along with qualitative topics. The book contains many examples that illustrate the logic and analytical thought process of modeling and its implementation and behavioral analysis. The book also includes four different plant tours that include both manufacturing and service operations. The book also demonstrates the importance of operations management in real companies. The book also contains sections on ecological implications throughout.

4. “Economic Theory and Operations Analysis” by Baumol

“Economic Theory and Operations Analysis” Book Review: The book covers each and every aspect of microeconomic theory. The logic of analysis and techniques used in business practice are described in it. The topics related to microeconomics and mathematical economics are included in this book. It also highlights the applications of microeconomic theory to operational research. The book is fully updated and revised in terms of the coverage of economic areas.

5. “General Principles Of Pharmaceutic Chemistry Pharmaceutic Operations Chemical Analysis” by James Thacher
6. “Operations Research Analysis in Test and Evaluation” by Donald L Giadrosich
7. “Modeling, Simulation, and Operations Analysis in Afghanistan and Iraq: Operational Vignettes, Lessons Learned, and a Survey of Selected Efforts” by Ben Connable

“Modeling, Simulation, and Operations Analysis in Afghanistan and Iraq: Operational Vignettes, Lessons Learned, and a Survey of Selected Efforts” Book Review: The book covers operations analysis, modeling, and simulation in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The number of ways in which analysts have attempted to support commanders’ decisions, the models and tools used in counterinsurgency and irregular warfare are presented in this text. The topics like force protection, logistics, campaign assessment, and force structuring are discussed. The book also gives an idea about the challenges faced by the analysts and the methods in which the application of modeling, simulation, and analysis can be used to improve the future operations.

8. “Food Processing Operations Analysis” by Das

“Food Processing Operations Analysis” Book Review: The book describes food processing operations from a numerical point-of-view. the food processing operations, transfer processes in food materials, and food process modelling and evaluation are discussed in this book. The topics like mechanical operations, size reduction and practice size analysis, high pressure homogenization, flexible packaging and shelf life prediction, atmosphere packaging and storage, single screw extrusion, separation of liquids, separation and conveying, solid mixings, thermal operations, liquid heating, air heating, serialization, fluid bed freezing, osmo-concentration, differential and flash distillation, types of drying are covered in this book. The book contains numerical problems along with their solutions, mathematical modelling of the processing operations and related problems, and a MATLAB program.

9. “Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Theory of Fuzzy Decisions” by Dompere

“Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Theory of Fuzzy Decisions” Book Review: The recent developments in value theory of computable general prices in cost-benefit analysis under fuzzy rationality are mentioned in this book. The book covers mathematical theories of computable equilibrium, social discount rate, contingent valuation, and hedonic pricing methods. The uses of fuzzy decision algorithms and multidisciplinary cost-benefit analysis are highlighted. The computational problems of optimal taxation, cost-benefit distributions, social goal-objective formation and rent-seeking activities are presented in it. The book will be useful for the practitioners, researchers, graduate students, and policy makers in economics, engineering, as well as physical, social, and medical sciences.

10. “Handbook of Quantitative Supply Chain Analysis” by Shen Wu Simchi-Levi

“Handbook of Quantitative Supply Chain Analysis” Book Review: The book is a product of comprehensive research in the field of supply chain. The book features quantitative models used for analysis, examples, case studies, and modern business practices in supply chain management. The chapters give information about the directions and necessities of the future research from both theoretical and practical point-of-view. This textbook will be an asset for the researchers, faculty, graduate students, and practitioners in the field of supply chain management, operations research, management science, decision science, industrial engineering, operations management, civil engineering/transportation, logistics management, risk management, applied mathematics, economics, computer science, and industrial management.

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