CIM Questions and Answers – Basics

This set of CIM Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Basics”.

1. Computer Integrated Manufacturing is the integration of _______
a) Design and manufacturing functions
b) Management and design functions
c) Design, manufacturing and business functions
d) Manufacturing functions
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Answer: c
Explanation: Computer Integrated Manufacturing integrates the Design, Manufacturing, and Business functions of an organization. Manufacturing using computers comes under Computer-Aided Manufacturing. Designing comes under Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Engineering.

2. Which of the following is Computer Integrated Manufacturing’s objective?
a) Integration of islands of automation
b) Segregation of manufacturing cells
c) Increase number of employees
d) Integration of different products
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Answer: a
Explanation: Computer Integrated Manufacturing aims at achieving integration of islands of automation like flexible manufacturing systems, robotized work cells, etc. in industries. Effective and timely communication is required to achieve this objective.

3. Which association has given CIM wheel framework?
c) SPE
d) SAE
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Answer: b
Explanation: CASA is an association of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. SPE is the Society of Petroleum Engineers. SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers.

4. What does CASA in CASA/SME stand for?
a) Computers and Automated Systems Association
b) Computers and Automotive Systems Association
c) Computers and Accessories Systems Association
d) Computers and Automobile Systems Association
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Answer: a
Explanation: CASA/SME stands for Computers and Automated Systems Association of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. CASA is a group of manufacturing professionals formed by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in 1975. CASA/SME gave the idea of a CIM wheel to clarify the meaning of Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

5. What does outer rim in a CIM wheel represent?
a) Monitoring functions
b) Inspection functions
c) Assembly functions
d) Upper management functions
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Answer: d
Explanation: Outer rim in a CIM wheel depicts Upper management functions. Upper management functions are finance, strategic planning, marketing and manufacturing management & human resource management.

6. The central core in a CIM wheel is _______
a) Integrated systems architecture
b) Integrated communications architecture
c) Integrated applications architecture
d) Integrated business architecture
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Answer: a
Explanation: Integrated systems architecture handles common manufacturing data. It is related to information resource management and communications.

7. Which of the following activities comes under Factory Automation?
a) Finance
b) Scheduling
c) Material handling
d) Documentation
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Answer: c
Explanation: Material handling comes under factory automation. Scheduling is concerned with manufacturing planning and control. Documentation belongs to the product/process category. Finance belongs to management.

8. CIM wheel inner rim does not have which of the following category?
a) Factory automation
b) Strategic planning
c) Product/process
d) Manufacturing planning and control
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Answer: b
Explanation: Product/process, manufacturing planning, and factory automation involve various activities of manufacturing. They are a part of the Inner Rim. Strategic planning belongs to the Outer Rim and is related to upper management.

9. Inspection test comes under which category in a CIM wheel?
a) Marketing
b) Design
c) Factory automation
d) Analysis and simulation
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Answer: c
Explanation: Design, analysis, and simulation belong to a product/process category. The Product/process category is part of the inner rim. Marketing is a management function.

10. Which among the following has the broadest scope in an organization?
a) CAD
b) CIM
c) CAM
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Answer: b
Explanation: CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. CAM stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing. CAPP stands for Computer-Aided Process Planning. CAD, CAM, CAPP have limited scope in comparison to Computer Integrated Manufacturing. CIM includes CAD, CAM, CAPP, along with the business functions of an organization.

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