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1. “Sericulture and Rural Development” by G Sandhya Rani

“Sericulture and Rural Development” Book Review: This book discusses sericulture and rural development. It covers chapters on the significance of sericulture in the rural economy and status of sericulture in some selected countries. The book discusses the progress of sericulture in India, growth of sericulture in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka state. It illustrates the prospects of sericulture in the rural areas and employment generation through sericulture.

2. “Fundamentals of Agriculture” by Arya

“Fundamentals of Agriculture” Book Review: This book provides information on the fundamentals of agriculture which is required for competitive exams in agriculture. The book covers chapters on general agriculture, agricultural climatology, genetics, plant breeding and biotechnology. It also covers plant physiology and biochemistry, seed technology, agronomy, soil science and agricultural microbiology. The book discusses topics on horticulture, entomology, plant pathology, agricultural extension, agricultural economics and agricultural statistics. The book includes short answer descriptive questions regarding the subject.

3. “Sericulture and Silk Production: A handbook (Small-Scale Textiles Series)” by Prabha Shekar and Martin Hardingham

“Sericulture and Silk Production: A handbook (Small-Scale Textiles Series)” Book Review: This book provides information on sericulture and silk production. It discusses the various stages of mulberry bush growing, silkworm egg production, silkworm rearing, etc,. The book also explains steps of silk cocoon reeling and silk fabric production. The book is designed for fieldworkers, development agencies. It can also be used by individuals wanting to start small scale manufacture.

4. “Sericulture and Pest Management” by A Jadhav and T V Sathe

“Sericulture and Pest Management” Book Review: This book discusses national and international status sericulture and its developments. The book is designed for agriculturists, farmers and students related to sericulture. It covers topics on moriculture, disinfectants, seed production, silkworm rearing, etc,. The book also covers chapters on pests and disease of mulberry and silkworms. It emphasizes the aspects of parasitoids of silkworms, host specificity and life tables and intrinsic rate of increase.

5. “Sericulture Extension” by Amardev Singh
6. “Sericulture Manual” by R K Patnaik

“Sericulture Manual” Book Review: This book provides an explanation on the art of rearing silkworms for silk. The book discusses the sericulture arena beginning from the feeling of mulberry leaves to the silkworms, silk finishing and its trade. The book covers chapters which deal with each step of the sericulture process. It also discusses the silk industry, its history, future, size and scope. The book allows readers to explore the sericulture industry.

7. “Mulberry Sericulture: Problems And Prospects” by A K Tripathi

“Mulberry Sericulture: Problems And Prospects” Book Review: This book deals with mulberry sericulture which is an important commercial crop. It can be cultivated both in temperate and tropical climatic conditions. Mulberry is the food resource for silk worms and is of great importance in the sericulture industry. It plays an important role in keeping silkworms and production of silk. The book allows seri-biologists to create improved strains of mulberry by continuous breeding efforts. It also discusses disease resistant mulberry plants with superior leaf quality.

8. “Principles of Sericulture” by Hisao Aruga

“Principles of Sericulture” Book Review: This book illustrates the principles of sericulture. It discusses sericulture techniques and its aspects. The book explains the datas related to mulberry and silkworm. It emphasizes the basic aspects of the staple crop of silkworm. The book also discusses those preventive measures against adverse factors. The book includes topics on the sericulture industry and its future, mulberry cultivation, silkworm and its strains. It also covers silkworm eggs, morphology, physiology, ecology and genetics of the silkworm.

9. “Agro Cottage Industry Sericulture” by C J Hiware
10. “Anthropology and Development in a Globalized India: An Ethnography of Sericulture from the South” by Eswarappa Kasi

“Anthropology and Development in a Globalized India: An Ethnography of Sericulture from the South” Book Review: This book highlights sericulture as a crop enterprise in the theoretical and methodological understanding of sociology and social anthropology in India. The book is designed for students of anthropology, sociology, economics, etc,. The book discusses anthropological analysis of sericulture along with its emergence. The book explains sericulture which gives direct and indirect employment in various ways. It also explains the importance of sericulture over other crops.

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