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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Experimental Psychology subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Experimental Psychology along with reviews.

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1. “Experimental Psychology” by Shergill H K

“Experimental Psychology” Book Review: This book focuses on the various aspects of human behavior and introduces the nature and theories of sensation, perception, learning, memory, psychophysics and other areas involved in psychology. This book brings out the importance of cognitive processes such as thinking, reasoning and problem-solving. The book also provides knowledge and skills for using statistical tools in organising and computing research data. This book is beneficial for graduate and postgraduate students in psychology and for those who are interested in experimental psychology.

2. “EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY” by Prof E G Parameswaran and Prof K Ravichandra

“EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY” Book Review: This book helps improve communication between the teacher and students of experimental psychology. It helps sharpen the students’ capabilities for solving problems. This book helps the teachers to get the best out of every individual student by infusing self-confidence and a mindset to look for new challenges.This book is useful for students in Experimental Psychology at B.A as well as M.A level.

3. “Experimental Psychology” by Woodworth
4. “Experimental Psychology” by ICFAI / Samina Bano

“Experimental Psychology” Book Review: This book gives an introduction to elementary experimental psychology. This book covers all the important topics in this subject like fundamental research, Psychophysics, sensation, perception, attention, learning-memory and problem solving. It integrates the concept, theories,methodology and conduction of experiments with a blend of classic and modern literature. Several examples are used to introduce basic notions about experiments. The learning objective is given at the beginning and a summary along with a question bank at the end of each chapter. A glossary is available at the end of the book for understanding certain phrases. This book is useful for undergraduate students.

5. “Experimental Psychology” by Ram Nath Sharma and Rachana Sharma

“Experimental Psychology” Book Review: This book focuses on the experimental methods in the fast growing area of psychology. It tries to provide an in-depth study of important areas covered by experimental psychology: physco-physics, animal psychology, learning psychology. The psychology of individual differences, child psychology, education psychology, clinical psychology and industrial psychology has also been discussed. Besides these, it includes experiments in physiological psychology, nervous system, mental processes and aspects of human behaviour. Simple and understandable language is used in this book. This book is useful for teachers as well as graduate and undergraduate students in the field of psychology.

6. “Human Experimental Psychology” by Joan Gay Snodgrass

“Human Experimental Psychology” Book Review: This book introduces the students to human experimental psychology in the laboratory setting. It covers both experimental methodology and content. The how and why of psychological experimentation and the reaction time and mental chronometry are explained in this book. There are chapters on descriptive and inferential statistics and the writing of research reports will help the students turn experimental findings into a lucid report. Other chapters focus on crucial models and theories, discussing them in terms of landmark experiments. The book teaches both content and methodology of principle areas of experimental psychology – these include the processes relating to the broad function of cognition, as well as social, industrial, and clinical psychology. This book gives the readers a sense of how questions are framed in terms of psychological concepts, and addressed in the laboratory experiment. This book is useful for teachers and students in the field of psychology.

7. “Experimental Psychology, International Edition” by Anne Myers and Christine Hansen

“Experimental Psychology, International Edition” Book Review: This book focuses on experimental methods and leads students step by step through the entire research process, from generating testable hypotheses to writing the research report. The major sections of the book parallel the major sections of a research report (Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion) which gives students the skills they will need to design and conduct an experiment, analyze and interpret the research findings, and report those findings. Alternative approaches are also discussed in this book. This book is beneficial for teachers of psychology and students in this field.

8. “Experiments in Psychology” by S M Mohsin

“Experiments in Psychology” Book Review: This book combines the important features of the methodology of experiments in psychology, the concepts of general experiments in psychology and the advantage of a laboratory manual. This book aims at developing in the students the understanding and skill to pose a problem and to plan and conduct an experiment to answer it. Complete reports of a number of experiments have been given in this book which also supplements the accounts of related problems and, in several cases, description of the ways to answer them. This book also includes experiments highlighting some special features of group experiments like selections of sample, design of group experiments and treatment of group data. This book is useful for students and teachers of psychology, especially for those in Indian universities.

9. “Memory; A Contribution to Experimental Psychology” by Hermann Ebbinghaus

“Memory; A Contribution to Experimental Psychology” Book Review: This book has been written using original facts and work of Hermann Ebbinghaus who was a German psychologist who pioneered the experimental study of memory. This book describes the experiments conducted to describe the processes of learning and forgetting. This book talks about the forgetting curve which describes the exponential curve that illustrates how fast we tend to forget the information we had learned. This book is beneficial to teachers and students in the field of psychology and experimental psychology.

10. “Experimental Psychology: Research Methods and Statistics” by R B Burns and C B Dobson

“Experimental Psychology: Research Methods and Statistics” Book Review: This book integrates statistics, research design, ex­periments and report writing. The aim of this book is to make the student an active learner encouraged to carry out experiments, for understanding the design problems and statistical analyses in the practical context where he/she can see exactly what he/she is doing and why. After reading this book, students should be able to evaluate the research of others, to define a problem, formulate a hypothesis about it, design and carry out the experiment, apply the correct statistics, discuss the results and implications, and write it all up in a logical and sensible fashion. This book is also an introductory text on statistics, research design and experimental work. This book is useful for the many students who meet psychology and social science for the first time.

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