5 Best Books on Behavioral Genetics

We have compiled a list of the Best Reference Books on Behavioral Genetics, which are used by students of top universities, and colleges. This will help you choose the right book depending on if you are a beginner or an expert. Here is the complete list of Behavioral Genetics Books with their authors, publishers, and an unbiased review of them as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase them. If permissible, you can also download the free PDF books on Behavioral Genetics below.

1."Behavioral Genetics in the Postgenomic Era" by Robert Plomin and John C DeFries
“Behavioral Genetics in the Postgenomic Era” Book Review: This book evaluates the current state and future prospects of genetic research on behavior, making it valuable for behavioral researchers as behavior is among the most complex traits. It concentrates on areas where behavioral genetics provides the greatest insights, covering topics such as cognitive abilities and disabilities, personality, psychopathology, and psychopharmacology. This book is also beneficial for individuals in the behavioral, biomedical, and biological sciences who are interested in the genetics of behavior.

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2."The Developing Genome: An Introduction to Behavioral Epigenetics" by David S Moore
“The Developing Genome: An Introduction to Behavioral Epigenetics” Book Review: This book discusses the developmental origins of our characteristics, based on the new science of behavioral epigenetics. Just as DNA has become a household word, epigenetics is on its way to widespread recognition. The book explains how our experiences affect the activity of our genes, debunking the idea that the genes we’re born with determine our fate. The breakthroughs in this field reveal that what matters is what our genes do, and the book provides insights into this work and its revolutionary implications. The book also highlights how behavioral epigenetics has changed the scientific understanding of nature, nurture, and human development by showing that our experiences shape how our genes function. It is an informative read for anyone interested in the intersection of genetics, behavior, and human development.

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3."The Neurobiology and Genetics of Nicotine and Tobacco (Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences)" by David J K Balfour and Marcus R Munafò
“The Neurobiology and Genetics of Nicotine and Tobacco (Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences)” Book Review: In this book, the focus is on exploring the intricate neural and psychological mechanisms that underlie nicotine dependence in experimental animal models and its relevance to tobacco addiction in humans. The authors provide an up-to-date overview of current research on nicotine psychopharmacology and its involvement in tobacco dependence, and share insights from leading researchers in the field. The book is intended to be a valuable resource for those pursuing their own research programs on this important topic. Additionally, the book examines the molecular and genetic factors that influence behavioral responses to nicotine and their potential impact on the role of nicotine in tobacco dependence.

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4."Cognitive Science and Genetic Epistemology: A Case Study of Understanding (Path in Psychology)" by David Leiser and Christiane Gillièron
“Cognitive Science and Genetic Epistemology: A Case Study of Understanding (Path in Psychology)” Book Review: This book examines the intersection between genetic epistemology and artificial intelligence and notes that the two fields are converging without one subsuming the other. The topics covered in the book include an introduction, basic algorithms, procedure representations, stimulation and understanding, the extraction algorithm underlying the basic algorithm, experiments with children, seriation strategies, and anticipatory schemata.

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5."Behavioural Genetics for Education" by Y Kovas and S Malykh
“Behavioural Genetics for Education” Book Review: The focus of this book is on exploring the ways in which education can leverage the latest developments in genetically informative research. The authors offer fresh perspectives on the underlying causes of individual variations in education-related traits, including cognitive abilities and disabilities, motivation and personality, behavioral and emotional issues, social functioning, well-being, and academic performance. The book is intended to serve as a valuable resource for a range of professionals, including teachers, parents, educational and developmental psychologists, policy makers, and researchers across various domains who are working on issues related to education.

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We have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Behavioral Genetics and came out with a recommended list and their reviews. If any more book needs to be added to this list, please email us. We are working on free pdf downloads for books on Behavioral Genetics and will publish the download link here. Fill out this Behavioral Genetics books pdf download" request form for download notification.

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