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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Human Development subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Human Development along with reviews.

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1. “Human Development” by Diane Papalia and Sally Olds

“Human Development” Book Review: Human Development Ninth Edition, is an accessible and applied 4-color text for the chronological Human Development course. With the help of professional writer, Ruth Feldman, this author team combines up-to-date research coverage with the broadest array of parenting, nursing, and education applications available. It includes coverage of social policy, cross-cultural topics, and issues facing a diverse population, as well as extensive examples relating to health issues and applications.

2. “Human Development and Social Security in India” by Prasant Kumar Panda

“Human Development and Social Security in India” Book Review: The ultimate objective of this book is human development which encompasses quality of life, the level of well-being and access to basic social services.Socio-politico tensions has been discussed very broadly. This book contains 9 well-researched papers which provide deep insights into various dimensions of human development and social security in India that includes the topics of discussion like food, clothing and shelter as well as normal satisfactions of family life, enjoyment of physical and mental health, opportunities for the expression of skills and recreational abilities, and active and pleasurable social participation. The book has also discussed various schemes wherever possible inside the chapter.


3. “Textbook of Human Development” by Rani K Sudha and Srivastava Sushila

“Textbook of Human Development” Book Review: The book describes what actually distinguishes Human Development. With its inclusive, concise, and applied coverage, the book introduces readers to the issues, forces, and outcomes that make us who we are. The material is relevant, too. The book clears the foundations in important theories and research. It demonstrates connections between the laboratory and life. The book focuses on Human Development hurdles and strategies. It has described very well about the ways to tackle the problems without getting bothered about it.

4. “Human Growth and Development” by Chris Beckett and Hilary Taylor

“Human Growth and Development” Book Review: The book provides an introduction to emotional, psychological, intellectual and social development throughout the lifespan. Students in social works, healthcare, and education are suggested to read this book as it covers topics which are central to understanding people whether they are clients, service users, patients or pupils. Theories that explain the development at different stages of life and the transitions we make between childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, are presented. The book explores the wider social factors which influence human growth and development. Activities are provided within each chapter to help students test theoretical concepts against their own experience and intuitions. Combining theoretical concepts and reflective learning, Human Growth & Development, second edition is the ideal introduction to psychosocial development for students on a wide range of professional courses.

5. “Human Development with PowerWeb” by Diane E. Papalia and Sally Wendkos Olds

“Human Development with PowerWeb” Book Review: This accessible, chronologically-organised text combines up-to-date research with a broad array of parenting, nursing and education applications. It includes coverage of social policy, cross-cultural topics and issues facing a diverse population. The book does not only focus on ways for Human Development but it also focuses on the reasons due to which the development is not at a good pace. It also discusses social topics and issues and the ways to improve them. This textbook can be preferred by Human Resource Development related people and authorities, and can be studied by students of any discipline.

6. “Theories of Human Development” by Barbara M Newman and Philip R Newman

“Theories of Human Development” Book Review: The book starts by telling how a mature mind is a positive power of the brain. Then it explains what exactly does the term “Mature Mind” mean. The book explains the ways by which we can have a mature mind. The book contains moral and social values that would help a person in widening its thinking capacity and also it would improve its social behaviour. The book has no limitations to its readers and people belonging to any discipline can read this as Human Development is a universal topic.

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