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1. “Towards a Sustainable Balance of Bio-Resources Use Between Energy, Food and Chemical Feed-Stocks (Foundations and Trends in Renewable Energy)” by Michael Narodoslawsky
2. “Geothermal Energy and Bio-Mass Power” by Julie Richards

“Geothermal Energy and Bio-Mass Power” Book Review: The book helps the reader to gain knowledge of Geothermal Energy. The book briefly describes the process of how heat energy below earth’s surface can be used as a source of power generation. The importance, advantages and applications of Geothermal energy are discussed in this book. The book also tells the future aspects of Geothermal energy and Bio-Mass and various methods of its creation. The book also incorporates different forms of energy available, process of how energy is stored, converted into power and used.

3. “Introduction to Renewable Biomaterials: First Principles and Concepts” by Lucian A Lucia

“Introduction to Renewable Biomaterials: First Principles and Concepts” Book Review: The textbook introduces basics of Biomass.It discusses renewable energy extracted from forest, agriculture and organic-based material. It further talks about the sustainable alternatives, petrochemicals. The book contains eight chapters which include fundamental biochemical and biotechnological principles, fundamental science and engineering considerations, first principle of pretreatment followed by conversion technologies. The chapters in this book offer questions and answers for better understanding of the topics.

4. “Modern Optical Spectroscopy: With Exercises and Examples from Biophysics and Biochemistry” by William W Parson

“Modern Optical Spectroscopy: With Exercises and Examples from Biophysics and Biochemistry” Book Review: The book lays special emphasis on optical spectroscopic phenomenon and uses of spectroscopic techniques used in modern molecular and cellular biophysics and biochemistry. The major contents covered in this book are electronic and vibrational absorption, resonance energy transfer, circular dichroism, ultrafast pump-probe followed by multiphoton absorption and Raman scattering. This edition provides discussions of quantum optics, metal-ligand charge-transfer transitions, normal mode calculations, Vibrational Stark effects followed by entropy change during photoexcitation.

5. “The Renewable Energy Home Handbook: Insulation and energy saving, Living off-grid, Bio-mass heating, Wind turbines, Solar electric PV generation, Solar water heating” by Lindsay Porter
6. “Microwave-Mediated Biofuel Production” by Veera G Gude

“Microwave-Mediated Biofuel Production” Book Review: The book lays emphasis on Chemical synthesis and processes for biofuel production mediated by microwave energy. The book contributes in the area of resources and guidance for understanding principles, mechanism of microwaves in biofuel process chemistry. The book revolves around Green chemistry of microwave mediated biofuel. The book also entails topics like Microwave generation, wave propagation, process design, development and configuration and biofuel generation.

7. “Biomass as Energy Source: Resources, Systems and Applications” by Erik Dahlquist

“Biomass as Energy Source: Resources, Systems and Applications” Book Review: The book discusses the available biomass resources and use of efficient energy. It focuses on waste biomass or cellulosic materials in biorefineries, production of fibres and products from fibres.The book also talks about non-availability of biomass, and also covers all types of resources on a global scale.It incorporates various case studies of biomass and details bioprocessing technologies. The reader learns both the capacity and technology exist to regain the primacy of biomass for energy, fuels, and chemicals in a post-fossil-fuel economy in this book.

8. “Biomass energies” by Vaclav Smil
9. “Biomass for Renewable Energy, Fuels, and Chemicals” by Donald L Klass

“Biomass for Renewable Energy, Fuels, and Chemicals” Book Review: The comprehensive textbook is very useful for students, researchers and teachers who want to gain some knowledge of biomass energy production. The book helps the professionals and researchers who are searching for the methods of selecting, growing, and converting energy crops. The book includes a critical analysis of many biomass energy research and commercialization activities. The book also provides various techniques to improve efficiency, net energy, and economics. It also reviews failed projects, and methods for overcoming barriers to commercialization.

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