sleep Command in Linux with Examples


This tutorial explains Linux “sleep” command, options and its usage with examples.

sleep – delay for a specified amount of time.


`sleep’ pauses for an amount of time specified by the sum of the values of the command line arguments.


sleep NUMBER[smhd]…

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SUFFIX may be `s’ for seconds (the default), `m’ for minutes, `h’ for hours or `d’ for days. Unlike most implementations that require NUMBER be an integer, here NUMBER may be an arbitrary floating point number.


To incorporate pause for 5 seconds or 2 minutes in my bash shell script

To sleep for 5 seconds, use:

sleep 5

To sleep for 2 mintus, use:

sleep 2m

sleep Command Bash Script Example

echo "Hi, I'm sleeping for 5 seconds..."
sleep 5
echo "I'm awake Now."

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