Production Planning and Control Questions and Answers – Qualitative Issues

This set of Production Planning and Control Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Qualitative Issues”.

1. Which form of data below can usually be obtained more quickly and at a lower cost than the others?
a) Primary
b) Survey research
c) Experimental research
d) Secondary
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Answer: d
Explanation: Secondary data is the data which has already been collected by someone and is available from other sources. This makes it cheaper than the primary data and more quickly obtainable.

2. Secondary data are _____
a) Collected mostly via surveys
b) Expensive to obtain
c) Always necessary to support primary data
d) Not always very usable
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Answer: d
Explanation: Secondary data may not be always usable as the data may have outdated and the accuracy of the data is unknown. The information is not always the same as we require.

3. In second step of marketing research process, research objectives should be translated into specific _____
a) Financial amount
b) Marketing goals
c) Information needs
d) Time allotments
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Answer: c
Explanation: As the research objective is made, it requires further execution for which it is translated into specific information need by which information is gathered and applied on the research objective.

4. Which method could a marketing researcher use to obtain information that people are unwilling or unable to provide?
a) Focus groups
b) Observational research
c) Internet surveys
d) Personal interviews
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Answer: b
Explanation: To gather information that people are unwilling or unable to provide, it requires observation on the market, how often the product is required and the quantity that people like to purchase.

5. Survey research is likely to be conducted through which of the following?
a) Observations
b) Person-to-person interactions
c) The web
d) The mail
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Answer: a
Explanation: Survey research is conducted through observations as they can help get a lot information like the demand of the product in the market, the use of product according to the current technology and requirement for new technology.

6. What are the two types of research data?
a) Primary and secondary
b) Predictive and quantitative
c) Qualitative and quantitative
d) Qualitative and predictive
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Answer: c
Explanation: The two types of research data are qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research is a method to collect non numerical data and quantitative research is used to gather numerical data which can be converted into usable statistics.

7. “What new product should be developed” is an example of _____
a) Casual
b) Descriptive
c) Exploratory
d) Observative
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Answer: c
Explanation: While exploring the market, a company gets to know about the current demand of the technology and the upcoming technologies which lead them to the idea of what new product should be developed.

8. What are three popular methods for obtaining primary data?
a) Experimentation, personal interview, Delphi technique
b) Surveys, interviews, experimentation
c) Interviews and surveys, observation, experimentation
d) Interviews and surveys, observation, Harrison methodology
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Answer: c
Explanation: Primary data is obtained by various methods. Some of the popular methods are observation, experimentation, interviews and surveys. Observation and experimentation help to obtain some numerical value and draw a statistical diagram to obtain the results. Interviews and surveys help to get the knowledge of market behavior.

9. The marketing information system begins and ends with _____
a) Marketing managers
b) Marketing intelligence
c) Information technologies
d) Consumers
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Answer: a
Explanation: Marketing managers analyze information based on the trend, the demand for product in the market and they also collaborate with other companies to ensure that they have a successful strategy to implement.

10. What is the first stage of marketing research process?
a) Implement the research plan
b) Collect and analyze the data
c) Report the findings
d) Define the research problem
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Answer: d
Explanation: To begin with the marketing process, the first thing is to find and define the research problem. After the analysis of the research problem, the research process starts.

11. _____ research is the gathering of primary data by watching people.
a) Survey
b) Informative
c) Observational
d) Experimental
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Answer: c
Explanation: Watching people in the market gives an observation of the products like how much is its demand and what new technology should be introduced in the market.

12. Advance plan of research is called as _____
a) Research proposal
b) Research design
c) Research problem
d) Research process
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Answer: b
Explanation: To complete a research process, first the research objective is defined and then after analyzing the objective, research design is made to execute the research process.

13. What is not expected in a qualitative research proposal?
a) Research questions
b) Research rim
c) Hypothesis
d) Operational definition
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Answer: c
Explanation: While doing qualitative research the non-numerical data is gathered but the data collected is based on observations so it can be used to alter the production. Hypothesis on the other hand is the assumed information based on some limited data which cannot be used by the company.

14. Customer satisfaction is an example of which of research design?
a) Qualitative
b) Quantitative
c) Casual
d) Descriptive
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Answer: a
Explanation: Qualitative research helps in knowing customer satisfaction based on the observations made whether they are happy with their purchase experience or not.

15. Data analysis in qualitative research as contrasted with qualitative research is generally _____
a) Theoretical
b) Deductive
c) Applied
d) Inductive
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Answer: a
Explanation: Qualitative research is totally based on the observations made which gives only the theoretical data and no numerical analysis can be made from this.

16. Four common sources of internal data include the accounting department, operations, the sales force and the _____
a) Owners
b) Stockholders
c) Marketing department
d) Web
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Answer: c
Explanation: Sources of internal data include accounting department which deals with the financial statements, operations which deals with the process of operations in order to complete the production, sales which deals with the amount of products required in the market and marketing department which promotes the business and provides the necessary research to target the customers.

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