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1. “Designing with Geosynthetics” by R M Koerner

Book Review: This book stresses on the design by function, covers all types of geosynthetics. The book also uses S I units for all the problems and examples and also covers the concepts of containers and tubes. The book also discusses walls and slope design that incudes seismic analysis, wet landfills, agricultural wastes, waste stability and dam waterproofing. The book also discusses new products and related behavior that includes fiber reinforcement and wall drainage. The book also contains a separate chapter on geofoam. This book is useful for transportation, geotechnical, environmental and hydraulics professionals and engineers.

2. “Geosynthetics: State of the Art Recent Developments” by P H Delmas and A Girard

Book Review: The book is divided into four parts and they are geotechnical engineering and reinforced structures, environmental engineering, transportation and hydraulic engineering and properties of geosynthetics. The book also covers the recent developments, new research discoveries and latest field results in the field of geosynthetics. This book is very useful for scientists, practitioners, researchers, designers, contractors, engineers, operators and students.

3. “From Research to Practice in Stone Columns and Reinforced Stone Columns as Soil Improvement Techniques” by Niroumand Hamed

“From Research to Practice in Stone Columns and Reinforced Stone Columns as Soil Improvement Techniques” Book Review: This book deals with the deep study of stone containing applications of stone columns. The book contains a detailed analysis of stone. The topics like stone columns applications, stabilizing the foundation soil, supporting retaining structures, landslide stabilization, and reducing liquefaction potential are discussed in the book. Research and practical vision is included in the book. It is best suited for researchers and philosophers who want to have a deep knowledge about stones, their structure, building properties, their applications of research and their behavior.

4. “Reinforcing Governance: Perspectives on Development, Poverty and Global Crises RISC 2010” by Travis Du Bry

“Reinforcing Governance: Perspectives on Development, Poverty and Global Crises RISC 2010” Book Review: The book illustrates the important concepts of the global economic crisis of 2008-2009. It contains the development policies that have made great impact in structural inequalities and divided the whole world into regions. The book also deals with the problem of poverty and development with the recent economic crisis and their framework to cope up with the crisis. The book has contributions from keynote panels of the Economic conference 2010 and focuses on concepts like development, fragility, governance, and democracy. It gives a broad idea for future economic problems. This book is best for those having interest in the economic and political world.

5. “Reinforced Soil Walls and Slopes:Design And Construction” by Ehrlich

“Reinforced Soil Walls and Slopes: Design And Construction” Book Review: The book is a comprehensive piece of writing presenting the basics of soil mechanics and classification, design and construction. The book consists of mechanics which are associated with soil reinforcement iterations and rational methods for soil retaining structures. It contains both theoretical and practical knowledge of reinforced soil structures. The book is best suited for researchers and engineers dealing with the design, construction and iteration of soil reinforcement structures.

6. “Compressed Earth Blocks Reinforced by Sisal Fibres and Cassava Powder” by Saul Namango
7. “Numerical Analysis of Geosynthetic Reinforced Earth Walls” by Husen Ghazi Fathe Bajlan
8. “Reinforced Earth” by T Ingold

“Reinforced Earth” Book Review: This book stresses and describes working of reinforced earth along with its factors, behavior, merits, and demerits. The book also deals with the study of how reinforced earth works and focuses on research and development in the field of reinforced earth walls. It contains both theoretical and practical knowledge of reinforced earth structures. The book will be useful for students and professionals related to reinforced earth.

9. “Reinforced Soil and its Engineering Applications” by Swami Saran

“Reinforced Soil and its Engineering Applications” Book Review: The book is an updated and revised piece of work featuring the latest theory and recent developments in reinforced soil engineering. The book contains a deep analysis of various parts of reinforced soil like its basic mechanism, foundation, soil nailing, and randomly distributed soil. The book is designed in a very concise way and is easy to understand concepts. Each chapter is well linked and described. Covering all the topics, the book also contains the applications of reinforced soil in various fields. This book is a best concept clearing book for researchers and scholars.

10. “Design of Reinforced Concrete” by Jack C McCormac

“Design of Reinforced Concrete” Book Review: The book is written from both theoretical as well as practical point-of-view and aims in presenting latest information on design of reinforced concrete walls. The book is an updated and revised piece of work introducing the fundamentals of reinforced concrete design. This edition of the book is easy to understand and includes a three credit hour undergraduate course. The book is also used as a textbook in designs of reinforced earth concrete walls.

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