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1. “High Temperature Corrosion” by Per Kofstad

Book Review:The book describes oxidation processes of metals and alloys at elevated temperatures. The book also explains the fundamental concepts that are used to understand degradation phenomena. The book also introduces basic principles of thermodynamics, corrosion mechanisms for metals and alloys. The booka also discusses oxidation processes that are used in complex systems ranging from mixed environment reactions to protective techniques that also includes coatings and atmosphere control. The book is useful for material scientists and engineers dealing with elementary processes.
2. “Corrosion and Oxidation of Metals” by U R Evans

Book Review:This book describes the basics of high temperature corrrosion and oxidation. The book also demonstrates the reaction of metals with different environments at high temperatures, the mechanisms of reactions, different environment corrosivity, controlling metals that react with different temperature with different environments, material selection for high temperature applications and many more. This is a very good textbook for graduate and postgraduate courses on high temperature corrosion. The book contains chapters on defects in metal oxides, high temperature coatings and many more.
3. “Introduction to High Temperature Oxidation of Metals” by N Birks and G H Meier

“Introduction to High Temperature Oxidation of Metals” Book Review: The book focuses on high temperature oxidation processes of metals and alloys. It targets material scientists and engineers. The book begins by introducing the readers to the basic principles of oxidation and corrosion. Properties of thermodynamics and mechanism of high temperature oxidation of metals and alloys is covered. The book then proceeds to talk about the oxidation process in several complex systems. Reactions in mixed environments are covered. Protective techniques such as coatings and atmosphere control are also elucidated.

4. “Introduction to High Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion” by A S Khanna

“Introduction to High Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion” Book Review: The book deals with concepts of oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures. It is recommended to students, engineers and other technicians. The book introduces the fundamentals of corrosion and oxidation to readers before diving into complex topics such as corrosivity of different environments and underlying principles of these reactions. Protective methods of metals from corrosion and oxidation are also covered. Readers can also find numerous applications and appropriate metal selection strategy for these applications.

5. “High Temperature Corrosion” by A S Khanna

“High Temperature Corrosion” Book Review: The focus of the book is on corrosion and oxidation and their behaviour at high temperatures. It can be accessed by researchers and academics pertaining to the field. The book begins with elucidating the fundamentals of corrosion and oxidation and various aspects. The book then deals with mechanical properties of materials and the influence of a high or aggressive environment on them. Behaviour pattern of several advanced materials at high temperature is studied with an emphasis on active element effect. The book also discusses protective coatings for high temperatures.

6. “High-Temperature Corrosion of Engineering Alloys” by G Y Lai

“High-Temperature Corrosion of Engineering Alloys” Book Review: The book talks about various aspects of high temperature corrosion and common problems faced in their applications. It can be of interest to researchers carrying out studies in the field and working professionals. The initial chapters of the book deal with testing and evaluation of several materials. Problems faced by metals and alloys such as oxidation, metal dusting, nitridation and carburization are covered. Corrosion due to factors such as halogen, sulfidation, ash deposition, molten salt corrosion and molten metal corrosion is discussed.

7. “High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Applications” by George Y Lai

“High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Applications” Book Review: The focus of the book is on corrosion and preventive methods. It can be of use to researchers and scientists involved in the field. Important topics such as erosion and erosion-corrosion are covered. The book also deals with combustion processes in coal-fired boilers, fluidized bed combustion and waste-to-energy boilers. Waste incinerators and black liquor recovery boilers used in the pulp and paper industry are also discussed. Corrosion due to liquid metals is elucidated along with various protective methods.

8. “High Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion of Metals” by David John Young

“High Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion of Metals” Book Review: The book covers fundamentals and several other important topics of oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures. It targets advanced level students as well as researchers of the field. The book begins by talking about concepts of thermodynamics and kinetic theory before diving into complex topics. Corrosion of a pure metal by single oxidant and by multi-oxidant gases is covered. Further, corrosion of alloys and hence production of single oxide or multi-oxidant gases is also discussed. Concepts of diffusion paths are described well in detail.

9. “Developments in High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials” by Gao W

“Developments in High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials” Book Review: The book focuses on corrosion and protective coatings of metals against corrosion. It can be of use to advanced level students, working professionals and scientists of the field. The initial sections of the book deal with high temperature corrosion. Solid state reactions as well as internal and external oxidation of alloys is covered. Metal dusting corrosion, tribological degradation and hot corrosion are also discussed along with several techniques employed in the analysis of high temperature oxidation and corrosion. The book then proceeds to deal with various materials used in the process of protective coatings. Materials discussed include alumina scales, Ti-Al intermetallic compounds, metal matrix composites, chemical vapour deposited silicon carbide, nanocrystalline coatings and thermal barrier coatings. Last section of the book provides the readers with various case studies enabling them to understand the concepts better.

10. “Handbook of Corrosion Engineering” by Pierre Roberge

“Handbook of Corrosion Engineering” Book Review: The main idea of the book is corrosion engineering and various methods employed in the protective coatings against corrosion and oxidation. It can be read by researchers as well as working professionals of the field. Detection of various kinds of corrosion such as aqueous corrosion and high temperature corrosion are covered. Monitoring the atmospheric, water, seawater, soil, concrete, and microbial environments for identifying corrosion is described. Protective coatings such as corrosion inhibitors, cathodic and anodic protection are also discussed.

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