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1. “Engineering Design: A Materials and Processing Approach” by Dieter G E

“Engineering Design: A Materials and Processing Approach” Book Review: This book’s target audience is the senior design course students. It provides a broad overview of topics and contains an effective prescriptive guidance on how to carry out design. Dieter focuses on material selection as well as how to implement the design process. For easier understanding, it has uniform terminology throughout. Also, every new edition adds or expands the required topics. As a new feature each chapter ends with a list of new concepts and terms. Expanded examples add realism to key topics.

2. “Mechanical Design Process” by Ullman D G

“Mechanical Design Process” Book Review: Ullman’s work as an innovative designer comes through consistently, and has made this book popular among readers. Its ongoing use of a bicycle design case brings the design stages and concepts to life, and shows the actual steps taken to generate design ideas and bring them to fruition. This book is resourceful for the Senior Design course taken by mechanical engineering students. Working engineers also find it to be a readable, practical overview of the modern design process.

3. “Product Design and Development” by Ulrich K T and Eppinger S D

“Product Design and Development” Book Review: This book discusses the pressing issues such as identifying customer needs, design for manufacturing, prototyping, and industrial design, product design and development, etc. The integrative methods in the book facilitate problem solving and decision making among people with different disciplinary perspectives, reflecting the current industry toward designing and developing products in cross-functional teams. This book is meant for everyone looking to efficiently develop a product.

4. “Introduction to Engineering Design” by Eide R
5. “Introduction to Process Engineering and Design” by Shuchen B Thakore and Bharat I Bhatt

“Introduction to Process Engineering and Design” Book Review: The book is a good reference source on design if you want to avoid the voluminous references. This can be used as the Chemical Engineering Pocket Guide and most of the design aspects are covered. Topics like Dimensions and Units, Stoichiometry, Process Engineering and importance of Process Diagrams are explained in detail. It also covers topics like Process Design of Piping, Heat Exchangers, Liquid-Liquid Extractors, Absorbers, Reactors and Utility Systems.

6. “Digital Design: With an Introduction to Verilog HDL” by Mano / Ciletti

“Digital Design: With an Introduction to Verilog HDL” Book Review: The book covers most of the theoretical aspects of digital design. The explanation is advanced and therefore is for experts in the field or for postgraduate students. It is a theory and conceptual textbook. It is extremely useful for competitive examinations like GATE. Lots of questions in the exercise part to build your basic logic skills with respect to digital design. It is a good resource for self study.

7. “Introduction to Chemical Equipment Design: Mechanical Aspects” by Bhattacharyya

“Introduction to Chemical Equipment Design: Mechanical Aspects” Book Review: The book is based upon the lecture notes on the faculty of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. The unique feature of this book is that it is written using S.l. (System International) Units only. Although the subject is relatively new, the book helps the reader or leaner stay informed. There is a wrong conception that code equations are all empirical. It is shown in this book with reference to the Indian Code how these are developed. This will help understand the applications and limitations of the design equations. The sequence of chapters was selected keeping in view of gradual development of design aspects of a piece of chemical equipment.

8. “Introduction to Engineering Design” by Andrew Samuel and John Weir

“Introduction to Engineering Design” Book Review: Introduction to Engineering Design is a completely novel text covering the basic elements of engineering design for structural integrity.the most important concepts that students must grasp are those relating to ‘design thinking’ and reasoning. An essential aspect of the design process, the concept of failure, and its avoidance, is also examined in detail. These facets in combination offer a systematic method of considering the design process and one that will undoubtedly find favour with many students, teaching staff and practising engineers alike.

9. “Introduction to Process Engineering and Design” by Thakore S and Bhatt B

“Introduction to Process Engineering and Design” Book Review: The text on Power Electronics for the UG level which will provide a comprehensive coverage of converters, choppers, inverters and motor drives. The book focuses on Process Design than Mechanical Design that will help design a chemical plant. Plenty of Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), detailing of the steps followed in their preparation and interpretation. State-of-the-art technique of supercritical extraction discussed with design of extractors.

10. “Introduction to System Design Using Integrated Circuits” by B S Sonde
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