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1. “Chemistry of Natural products” by S V Bhat

“Chemistry of Natural products” Book Review: This book gives a simple overview of natural products. It contains twelve chapters covering most aspects of the chemistry of natural products. Each chapter covers the general introduction, nomenclature, occurrence, isolation, detection, degradation and spectroscopic techniques. It also includes elucidation, biosynthesis, synthesis, biological activity and commercial applications. It will also be useful for students, other scientists, and industry. The introduction to each chapter is brief and only aims to provide general knowledge of the relevant area. In addition, there is a list of recommended books for further review at the end of each chapter and a list of specific questions for practice.

2. “Medicinal Natural Products” by P M Dewwick

“Medicinal Natural Products” Book Review: This book offers a detailed and balanced introduction to natural products, focusing on the metabolic sequences leading to different natural product groups. The book builds on basic chemical concepts and directs the reader with special focus on those used in medicine through a wealth of diverse natural metabolites. It covers various topics such as secondary metabolism, the acetate pathway, the shikimate pathway, the mevalonate and methylerythritol phosphate pathways, alkaloids, peptides, proteins, and other amino acid derivatives.

3. “The Chemistry of Natural Products” by R H Thomson

“The Chemistry of Natural Products” Book Review: This book focuses on areas of natural products in a clear and manageable manner. In a broad range of chemistry, structure, synthesis and biosynthesis, the most important developments are highlighted. This book offers a unique and excellent introduction to the extensive literature on the subject. This book will act as a guide for chemists.

4. “Natural Products: Chemistry And Applications” by Sujata V Bhat and B A Nagasampagi

“Natural Products: Chemistry And Applications” Book Review: This book provides a simple overview of natural products in 14 chapters covering most aspects. Each chapter provides general introduction, nomenclature, occurrence, structure elucidation, synthesis, biological activity and commercial applications of natural products. This book will act as a guide for students and chemists.

5. “Chemistry Of Natural Products” by Krishnaswamy N R

“Chemistry Of Natural Products” Book Review: This book provides students with experimental knowledge to isolate various forms of natural products successfully. To extend the scope of the book and make it useful for organic chemistry and biochemistry students. Notes have been included on how to gather and classify plant materials and how to prepare the diagnostic chemical reagents used in the characterization of natural products. The book blends Organic Chemistry’s theory with experimentation. A selective combination of both spectroscopic and chemical techniques is included in this book. All the experiments were successfully tested in class.

6. “Chemistry of Natural Products: Amino Acids, Peptides Proteins and Enzymes” by V K Ahluwalia and Lalita S Kumar

“Chemistry of Natural Products: Amino Acids, Peptides Proteins and Enzymes” Book Review: This book is written for the undergraduate (Pass and Honours) and postgraduate students of Chemistry. The book is presented in a simple language with enough descriptions and is well illustrated. It would be equally useful to learners in academic fields such as Biochemistry and Biotechnology, etc.

7. “Natural Products Chemistry” by SINGH

“Natural Products Chemistry” Book Review: This book provides a comprehensive update on where natural product chemistry is currently in the discovery of drugs. The book covers new developments and case studies and offers an up-to-date source of information on the much-discussed issue of natural products. From scholars to professionals, postgraduates and industrial chemists, the book will appeal throughout the board. The case studies chosen for selection illustrate drugs and development candidates recently marketed that have been derived from natural products. Such ‘real-life’ examples illustrate how the discovery process has been greatly changed by emerging developments, such as advancements in screening, separation, dereplication and prefractionation.

8. “Natural Products: The Secondary Metabolites (Tutorial Chemistry Texts)” by James R Hanson and Martyn Berry

“Natural Products: The Secondary Metabolites (Tutorial Chemistry Texts)” Book Review: The goal of this book is to explain the key characteristics of these compounds. In which their structures have been formed using chemical and physical methods and then to demonstrate how these structures can be rationalised in biosynthetic terms. The first chapter describes the classes of natural products, their biological activity and their isolation. Subsequent chapters seek to link chemical and spectroscopic strategies in structural elucidation, contrasting the classical chemical strategies used in the past with modern spectroscopic methods. The final chapter deals with the biosynthesis of natural products. This book offers a brief account of the fundamental principles underlying a given subject, embodying an independent philosophy of learning and including examples of work.

9. “Precise Chemistry of Natural Products and Heterocyclic Compounds” by Anees Ahmad Siddiqui
10. “Chemistry of Natural Product” by Syed Aftab Iqbal

“Chemistry of Natural Product” Book Review: The book is designed for graduate students from all Indian universities. It contains various topics such as carbohydrates and protein, enzymes and vitamins, carbonic acid and its derivatives. It also includes solvent on mechanics and reaction, designation of optical Isomer, structure of nucleosides and purines. It covers topics like mechanism of friedel-craft reactions, unsaturated monocarboxylic acid, compounds and synthesis of malonic esters.

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