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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Linear Systems subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Linear Systems along with reviews.

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1. “Linear System Theory and Design” by Chi-Tsong Chen

Book Review: This book strikes a right balance between theory and applications of the linear system theory and design. The book uses simple and efficient methods to develop results and design procedures that the students can easily deploy. This book is suitable for graduate and undergraduate courses in the field of linear systems and multivariable system design. The book contains chapters on state space equations and their real time processing, rational transfer functions and the history and overview of linear system theory and design.

2. “Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and an Introduction to Chaos” by Morris W Hirsch

Book Review: This is a suitable textbook for graduate and undergraduate course for people involved in differential equations. The book also provides theoretical approach to dynamical systems thereby allowing the students to develop mathematical skills in order to analyze various types of differential equations that arise. The author also provides many exercises and examples by introducing linear systems of differential equations. The book also contains updated material and expanded application that is used in applied studies.

3. “Linear State-Space Control Systems” by Robert L Williams III and Douglas A Lawrence

Book Review: This book provides introduction to state space methods that is needed for analysis and design of linear control systems and is very useful for practicing engineers and researchers as well as for students in the advanced study of systems and control theory. The book starts with the introduction to state space methods. The book also provides a rigorous mathematical treatment of the fundamental concepts and theoretical results. The book contains chapters on state space fundamentals, controllability, observability, stability, minimal realizations, optimal control and many more.

4. “Analysis and Design of Descriptor Linear Systems” by Guang-Ren Duan

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“Analysis and Design of Descriptor Linear Systems” Book Review: The book presents an introduction of the theory of descriptive linear systems. It also features both basic and advanced results and recent advances in descriptor linear systems theory. The algorithms used for analyzing and solving design problems are thoroughly explained. For better understanding of the readers many examples, references, and appendices are included in this book. It will be helpful for practitioners and theoreticians related to the field linear systems.

5. “Well-Posed Linear Systems” by Olof Staffans

“Well-Posed Linear Systems” Book Review: The book describes well-posed infinite-dimensional linear systems with an input, a state, and an output simultaneously. It features a class of non-well-posed systems induced by system nodes. The recent results in the field of linear systems are added in this piece of work. It will be an asset for students, professionals, and researchers related to systems theory, operator theory, delay equations and partial differential equations.

6. “Time-Varying Discrete Linear Systems” by Halanay Ionescu

“Time-Varying Discrete Linear Systems” Book Review: The book contains a thorough description of the discrete-time systems with time-varying coefficients. It features topics like discrete-time nodes, theory of discrete counterpart for the continuous case, discrete-time Lyapunov and Riccati equations, discrete-time Hamiltonian systems in connection with input-output operators, and associated Hankel and Toeplitz operators. The concepts and tools explained in this book are used for solving the problems of stabilization and attenuation of disturbances. The newly obtained results in the field of discrete time systems and linear systems are highlighted in this book.

7. “Max-Linear Systems: Theory and Algorithms” by Butkovi

“Max-Linear Systems: Theory and Algorithms” Book Review: The book introduces all the essential aspects of max-algebra. The chapters cover topics like max algebraic theory, linear algebra, algorithms and algorithm problems, max-linear systems, eigenvalue-eigenvector problem, periodic behavior of matrices, max-linear programs, linear independence, and matrix scaling. The theoretical as well as practical applications of max-linear systems in many fields are illustrated. It contains many examples, numerical, exercises, and recent research results. The book is basically for graduating students and researchers of mathematics but will also be useful for mathematicians working in industry, commerce or management.

8. “Stability and Stabilization of Linear Systems with Saturating Actuators” by Sophie Tarbouriech

“Stability and Stabilization of Linear Systems with Saturating Actuators” Book Review: The book will be beneficial for electrical, mechanical, chemical and aeronautical engineers working on control applications. It will be a great reference for graduate students and researchers involved in the development of new tools and theoretical results in various fields of control applications concerning systems with saturation. The book presents both basic concepts as well as fundamental tools for the analysis and synthesis of linear systems and actuator saturation. The problems that occur in stability analysis and the synthesis of stabilizing control laws are discussed keeping in mind both local as well as global conditions. The internal and external stability and stabilization conditions are displayed using Lyapunov, polyhedral, quadratic and Lure-type functions. To solve many problems and overcome the undesirable effects of saturation, an anti-windup approach is presented. The recent research, developments, and many results in the field of linear systems with saturating actuators are mentioned in this book.

9. “Fundamentals of Linear Systems for Physical Scientists and Engineers” by Puri

“Fundamentals of Linear Systems for Physical Scientists and Engineers” Book Review: The book presents basic concepts and principles of linear systems inspired from different areas of engineering and the physical sciences. The chapters feature topics like linear continuous-systems, discrete-time systems, stochastic processes, Lyapunov functions, and conditions of stability for the equilibrium solutions. The content of the book is quite practical and can be used in many engineering applications. Number of original proofs, examples, and proven theorems are included to demonstrate and analyze the given content.

10. “Linear Systems and Operators in Hilbert Space” by Paul A Fuhrmann

“Linear Systems and Operators in Hilbert Space” Book Review: The book presents system theory with respect to infinite dimensional spaces. It describes mathematical system theory using advanced techniques of operator theory in Hilbert spaces and invariant subspaces. It covers topics like linear algebra, finite dimensional systems, operators in Hilbert space, linear systems in Hilbert space, structure of self-adjoint and unitary transformation, and the structure of restricted shift operators. For better understanding of the readers, it contains many examples, problems, references, and notes.

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