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1. “Chemical Kinetics” by K J Laidler

Book Review: This book explains the basic methodologies and concepts related to theory and experimentation of chemical kinetics. This is a very good book for people who carry out research in the fields of kinetics and physical chemistry. The book additionally contains chapter bibliographies on important aspects. The book also contains introduction to many chapters and well as includes many researches in the field of chemical kinetics.

2. “Chemical Engineering Kinetics” by J M Smith
3. “Chemical Reaction Engineering” by O Levenspiel

Book Review: This book exploits various chemical reactions through a commercial angle. The book also deals with the design and operation of chemical reactors. The book also stresses on the qualitative arguments, simple design methods, graphical procedures and capability comparison of major reactor types. The book explains the simple ideas in the beginning and then goes to the complex ones.

4. “Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering” by H S Fogler

Book Review: This is a very good book for solving problems that occur in real world chemical reaction engineering. This book covers all the principles related to chemical reaction engineering thereby stressing on creative problem solving and critical thinking. The book also covers all the basics of chemical reaction engineering and also contains many examples ranging from smog to blood clotting, antifreeze to cobra bites, computer chip manufacturing to chemical plant safety.

5. “Physical Chemistry of Surfaces” by A W Adamson and A P Gast

Book Review: This book covers all the aspects related to surface science. This is a very useful book for students and professionals. The book includes film treatment at the liquid air and liquid solid surfaces along with many techniques for tunneling and scanning microscopes. The book also covers heterogeneous catalysts with the help of many examples like the case of CO on metals. The book also stresses on surface restructuring when adsorption occurs. The book also contains a separate chapter on macromolecular films. This book is very useful for undergraduate and graduate students studying chemistry.

6. “Autowave Processes in Kinetic Systems” by Yakhno Romanovskii

“Autowave Processes in Kinetic Systems” Book Review: The book deals with the concepts of autowave processes implemented to kinetic systems. It is of use to mathematicians, physicists, researchers carrying out studies in the field along with students. The theory of autowave is explained as an extension of the theory of oscillations applied to nonlinear distributed dissipative systems. Experimental results of a variety of physical, chemical and biological processes are discussed in terms of autowave theory. Mathematical models of chemical and thermal autowaves are also elucidated.

7. “Chemical Kinetics, Stochastic Processes, and Irreversible Thermodynamics” by Santillan

“Chemical Kinetics, Stochastic Processes, and Irreversible Thermodynamics” Book Review: The book covers a variety of topics of chemical kinetics, thermodynamics. It targets students of undergraduate level courses and biology students with an understanding of mathematical concepts. The book initially explains the fundamental and relatively simple topics to the readers before diving into complex topics. Mathematical derivations are elucidated with an application in biological systems. The last set of chapters emphasise on mathematical and physical application to study systems including gene regulatory networks and molecular motors.

8. “Plasma Astrophysics: Kinetic Processes in Solar and Stellar Coronae” by Arnold O Benz

“Plasma Astrophysics: Kinetic Processes in Solar and Stellar Coronae” Book Review: Plasma phenomena in solar and stellar coronae is the subject of this book. Students of advanced undergraduate or graduate level courses along with researchers can find this book to be of use. Fundamentals of plasma-physics are covered in this text. The elucidated theory is extended to coronal dynamics. Topics covered include: coronal currents, particle acceleration, propagation of particle beams and shocks.

9. “The Kinetic Theory of Electromagnetic Processes” by Y L Klimontovich

“The Kinetic Theory of Electromagnetic Processes” Book Review: The kinetic theory of processes in systems of many particles is covered in this text. It can be accessed by students as well as researchers of the subject. Both classical and quantum kinetic theories are explained in the text along with their implementation to free and bound particles. Mathematical concepts such as Maxwell equations and kinetic equations are elucidated. Other topics covered include: kinetic theory of fluctuations, kinetic theory of emission line broadening, influence of correlations of atomic positions and fluctuation dissipation theorem.

10. “Statistical Theory of Open Systems” by Klimontovich

“Statistical Theory of Open Systems” Book Review: The book presents concepts of statistical theory implemented to open systems. It is recommended to postgraduate students, researchers. Thermal flux is defined in terms of entropy gradient, kinetic and hydrodynamic fluctuations calculations are also provided. Theory of Brownian motion in nonlinear media is then discussed. Other topics inculcated are: phenomenon of turbulence, laminar and turbulent motion and quantum macroscopic open systems.

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