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1. “Biological Basis of Behavior: A Program” by Frank Joseph McGuigan
2. “The Neural Basis of Behavior” by A L Beckman

“The Neural Basis of Behaviour” Book Review: The Neural Origin of Behaviour Symposium, from which this volume was generated focuses on the neural activity of humans and living things. Both neurological and psychological sciences, particularly focussed and discussed in detail for neurobiologists as well as physicians. As a starting point, the session on core activity states was expounded and then the biomechanics aspects of the neural structure are explained. For further research, each chapter contains homework concerns and references. The website offers an interactive presentation of theory, illustrations, experiments, and applications, along with detailed laboratory guidance, test and quiz questions, and PowerPoint slides of statistics.

3. “Biological Basis of Behaviour” by Anthony Curtis and Steve Hall
4. “The Biological Basis of Human Behavior: A Critical Review” by Robert W Sussman

“The Biological Basis of Human Behaviour: A Critical Review” Book Review: This book is written from the collections of various recent scientific discoveries and advancements, which focus on the biological and biomechanical behavior of humans. This book can be of high value to Junior / senior and graduate-level courses in the evolution of human behavior, human biology, human variation, the psychology of behavior or evolutionary psychology taught in departments of anthropology, biology or psychology. The volume provides a critical appraisal of the issue of whether patterns of the behavior are genetically fixed or racially variable. It assesses whether experts are best prepared to address this issue today, or whether this revived curiosity is simply a rebirth of the past’s hold on bigotry and biological determinism.

5. “The Biological Bases of Human Behavior” by Geoffrey G Pope

“The Biological Bases of Human Behavior” Book Review: This book presents a unique approach to evolutionary accomplishments. It also answers the primary question of “why we do what we do”. This is mainly written for students from human biology, human variation, biology, or psychology branches. “In an effort to explain human characteristics, this extensive text draws together a number of typically distinct fields, like palaeoanthropology, psychology, and sociology. Rich in diverse subjects, this text incorporates topics such as paleontology, voice, and brain function. Ideas and technology advancements are complementary chapters provided at the end for the readers to connect with the book easily.

6. “The Neuroimmunological Basis of Behavior and Mental Disorders” by Allan Siegel and Steven S. Zalcman

“The Neuro immunological Basis of Behavior and Mental Disorders” Book Review: This book was written after pioneering effects and researches in the biomechanical fields for understanding the neuroimmunological basis of the brain for human basic movements. The book is broken into three parts. The first section explains mechanisms by which the brain and immune systems connect and communicate with each other. The second chapter, Cytokines, and the Blood-Brain Barrier give insight into the blood-brain barrier and cytokine interactions. The neurochemical and endocrine effects of immune challenges and cytokine administration on central neurotransmitter production are discussed in the third chapter. Provides an integrated presentation of theory, examples, exercises, and applications for students to self-evaluate and practice.

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