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1. “Basics of Textile Chemical Processing” by Gopalakrishnan D & Karthik T

“Basics of Textile Chemical Processing” Book Review: This book provides understanding of concepts related to textile preparatory processes, dyeing, printing and finishing. Chapters provides objectives of preparatory and other processes; concepts about preparatory processes such as singeing, desizing, scouring, bleaching and mercerizing process; deals with the classification of dyes and their environmental aspects; provides principles of various dyeing machineries and principles of different printing methods and traditional printing of fabrics; deals about the various kinds of value added finishes and their principles. It is intended for employers, professionals, technocrats, supervisors engaged in textile chemical processing.

2. “Textile Chemical Processing” by Chitra Chowdhary
3. “Textile Chemical Processing” by Dr Meena Gupta
4. “Textile Processing and Properties: Preparation, Dyeing, Finishing and Performance (Textile Science and Technology)” by T L Vigo

“Textile Processing and Properties: Preparation, Dyeing, Finishing and Performance (Textile Science and Technology)” Book Review: This book discusses all aspects of textile processing, modification and performance for four major topics: preparation (by fiber type), dyeing and printing (dye type, theory and synthesis; dye classification by structure and application), improving functional and aesthetic textile properties (physical, chemical and physicochemical processes and concepts), and performance (chemical analysis, instrumental methods; physical, chemical, biological, multiple influences and standard tests). It describes detailed and logical progression from the initial purification of textiles to their performance and care. It is useful for textile scientists, students, engineers, manufacturers.

5. “Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals” by Michael and Irene Ash
6. “Chemical Processing of Textiles” by Clifton G Overholser
7. “Novel Processing in Special Finishing and Printing of Textiles” by Faheem Uddin

“Novel Processing in Special Finishing and Printing of Textiles” Book Review: This book describes the application of selected reactive dyes and pigments in association with a crease recovery (CR) finish of the dimethyloldihydroxyehtylene urea type and a flame retardant (FR) finish based upon phosphonium chloride were investigated. It aims to produce a process sequence able to give a quick response and enhanced finish and print performance. It provides CR finishing and FR finishing. It provides the feasibility of combining pigment print and CR finish application into a single step process.

8. “Textiles and Clothing Sustainability: Sustainable Textile Chemical Processes (Textile Science and Clothing Technology)” by Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu

“Textiles and Clothing Sustainability: Sustainable Textile Chemical Processes (Textile Science and Clothing Technology)” Book Review: This book describes the challenges in sustainable wet processing of textiles, natural dyes, enzymatic textiles and sustainable textile finishes. It provides knowledge of the textile industry which is known for its chemical processing issues and many NGOs which are behind the textile sector to streamline its chemical processing, which is the black face of the clothing and fashion sector. Chapters are aimed to highlight how sustainable textile chemical processes are crucial for attaining sustainability in the clothing sector.

9. “Textile Processing with Enzymes (Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles)” by Cavaco-Paulo A and Gubitz G

“Textile Processing with Enzymes (Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles)” Book Review: This book aims to provide the textile technologist with an understanding of enzymes and their use with textile materials and in process engineering. It covers all aspects of textile processing with enzymes, from the chemical constitution and properties of textile materials as potential substrates for enzymes, to the processing of these materials; from basic biochemistry and enzymology to the industrial application of these biocatalysts. It is a valuable resource for textile students, scientists and engineers with a background in textiles, biotechnology, chemistry and process engineering.

10. “Handbook of Chemistry Specialties: Textile Fiber Processing, Preparation and Bleaching” by John E Nettles
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