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1. “Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics (International Geophysics)” by Adrian E Gill

“Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics” Book Review: This book gives a systematic, unifying approach to the dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere. The foundations of the subject like the equations of state and dynamical equations are covered in some detail. Simple mathematical models are used to demonstrate the fundamental dynamical principles. It has plentiful illustrations from fields and laboratories.

2. “On the Effect of Offshore Wind Farms on the Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics (Hamburg Studies on Maritime Affairs)” by Elke Ludewig

“On the Effect of Offshore Wind Farms on the Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics Book Review: This book will help readers to understand in detail these OWF induced changes in the atmosphere and ocean by analyzing model simulations and measurements. OWF induced upwelling and downwelling are key aspects of this book.

3. “Preventive Methods for Coastal Protection: Towards the Use of Ocean Dynamics for Pollution Control” by Tarmo Soomere and Ewald Quak

“Preventive Methods for Coastal Protection: Towards the Use of Ocean Dynamics for Pollution Control” Book Review: This book provides a comprehensive overview of the background, key ideas, basic methods, implementation details and a selection of solutions for optimisation of the location of dangerous offshore activities in terms of environmental criteria. This book is divided into two parts. The first part introduces the basic principles of ocean modeling. It describes the long way from the generic principles to the practical modeling of oil spills and of the propagation of other adverse impacts. The second part focuses on the techniques for solving the inverse problem of the quantification of offshore areas with respect to their potential to serve as a source of environmental danger to vulnerable regions. This book is self contained and understandable for non-specialist researchers and students. It is a roadmap highlighting the complicated technical issues of ocean modeling for practical purposes.

4. “Waves in the Ocean and Atmosphere: Introduction to Wave Dynamics” by Joseph Pedlosky

“Waves in the Ocean and Atmosphere: Introduction to Wave Dynamics” Book Review: This book explains the surface gravity waves, internal gravity waves, lee waves, waves in the presence of rotation and geostrophic adjustment. Each wave topic is used to introduce either a new technique or concept in general wave theory. The book contains numerous exercises at the end of each chapter.

5. “Large-Scale Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics: Volume 1: Analytical Methods and Numerical Models: 001” by Ian Roulstone and John Norbury

“Large-Scale Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics” Book Review: This book explains the complex flows in the atmosphere and oceans. It covers the dominant, large-scale flows that control the evolution of weather systems. The lectures in this book examine and explain why such simplifications to Newton’s second law produce accurate, useful models.

6. “Satellite Sar Detection Of Sub-mesoscale Ocean Dynamic Processes: 44 (Advanced Series On Ocean Engineering)” by Quanan Zheng

“Satellite Sar Detection Of Sub-mesoscale Ocean Dynamic Processes” Book Review: This book explains about Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) and its applications. This book aims to provide the updated theories and methods for the use of SAR onboard satellites to detect ocean processes, i.e,SAR ocean remote sensing.

7. “Underwater Acoustics and Ocean Dynamics: Proceedings of the 4th Pacific Rim Underwater Acoustics Conference” by Lisheng Zhou and Wen Xu

“Underwater Acoustics and Ocean Dynamics” Book Review: This book covers the topics of internal wave observation and prediction, environmental uncertainty and coupling to sound propagation, environmental noise and ocean dynamics. It explains about dynamic modeling in acoustic fields, acoustic tomography and ocean parameter estimation, time reversal and matched field processing. It discusses underwater acoustic localization and communication as well as measurement instrumentations and platforms.

8. “Numerical Modeling Of Ocean Dynamics (Advanced Series On Ocean Engineering)” by Zygmunt Kowalik and T S Murty

“Numerical Modeling Of Ocean Dynamics” Book Review: This book introduces the application of finite difference methods to ocean dynamics as well as review other complex methods. It first gives a detailed account of the basics and then goes on to discuss the various applications. It covers the topics of transport equations, shallow water phenomena tides, storm surges and tsunamis. It explains the three-dimensional time dependent oceanic motion, natural oscillations and steady state phenomena. It is a reference source to both professionals and students of this field.

9. “Dynamic Analysis of Ocean Structures (Ocean Technology)” by Bruce Muga

“Dynamic Analysis of Ocean Structures” Book Review: This is composed of four parts. The material begins with a review of the physical environment like winds, surface gravity, water waves and currents for which engineering­ type formulations are presented. It also includes hindcasting and forecasting techniques using spectral concepts. Special problem areas are listed.

10. “Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics: An Introductory Text: 93 (International Geophysics Series)” by John Marshall and R Alan Plumb

“Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics” Book Review: This is an introductory textbook on the circulations of the atmosphere and ocean and their interaction, with an emphasis on global scales. It describes how the atmosphere and oceans look, on a large-scale. It discusses the role of oceans in climate and paleoclimate. This is a combination of observations, theory and accompanying illustrative laboratory experiments. Which makes students easy to understand without any prior knowledge. It contains instructions on how to reproduce the simple but informative laboratory experiments. It includes numerous problems with sample answers.

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