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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Magnetochemistry subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Magnetochemistry along with reviews.

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1. “Magnetism and Chemical Bond” by J B Goodenough
2. “Introduction to Magnetochemistry” by A Earnshaw

“Introduction to Magnetochemistry” Book Review: The book provides an introduction to the more important aspects of magnetochemistry and measurement of magnetic moment. It also provides methods of illustrating the ideas of electronic structure and fundamental information about the bonding and stereochemistry of complexes. It covers topics such as free atoms and ions, transition metal complexes, crystal field theory, second and third row transition metal complexes, antiferromagnetism, and spin-pairing of electrons. The final chapter describes important experimental methods and then shows briefly the way in which the problems of interpretation may be tackled.

3. “Magnetism and Magnetic Materials” by J C Anderson
4. “Elements Of Magnetochemistry” by Arun Syamal

“Elements Of Magnetochemistry” Book Review: The book discusses the basic concepts and methods of magnetism and their applications to chemistry. It covers the fundamental principles of electronic and ESR spectra applicable to coordination compounds, relationship among magnetism, electronic spectra, ESR and elegantly demonstrates the utility of magnetic measurements, electronic spectra and ESR spectra. Every chapter ends with the practice questions also contains numerous tables and clear-cut diagrams throughout.

5. “Magnetochemistry” by Richard L Carlin

“Magnetochemistry” Book Review: This is a book about things in magnetism and the chemistry and physics of coordination compounds. The book includes a wide range of topics from single-ion phenomena and paramagnetism to the study of ground states of metal ions and magnetochemistry.

6. “Magnetochemistry” by Pierce W Selwood

“Magnetochemistry” Book Review: Textbook for the subject of magnetochemistry. Contents of the book include measurement and susceptibility, atomic diamagnetism, molecular diamagnetism, atomic paramagnetism, molecular paramagnetism and complex compounds. Also it covers metallic dia- and paramagnetism, ferromagnetism and applied magnetism analysis.

7. “Magnetochemistry: 75 (Oxford Chemistry Primers)” by A F Orchard

“Magnetochemistry: 75 (Oxford Chemistry Primers)” Book Review: It illustrates the applications of both susceptibility measurements and EPR spectra in the characterisation of electronic structures. The book provides an introductory survey of the magnetic properties of chemical compounds with and topics on paramagnets.

8. “Principles and Applications of Electrochemistry” by D R Crow

“Principles and Applications of Electrochemistry” Book Review: This book introduction to electrochemistry. Book for undergraduates in chemistry and related fields. Principles and applications of electrochemical sensors and electroanalytical techniques are also included. Number of modern electroanalytical methods are also listed. A range of numerical problems and outline solutions are given for each chapter.

9. “Magnetochemistry” by Jaishree Sharma
10. “Introduction to Magnetochemistry” by Alan Earnshaw

“Introduction to Magnetochemistry” Book Review: The book contains topics such as free atoms and ions, transition metal complexes, crystal field theory, second and third row transition metal complexes, antiferromagnetism and spin-pairing of electrons. It describes important experimental methods. The book provides an introduction to the more important aspects of magnetochemistry. It also provides a simple method of illustrating the ideas of electronic structure, fundamental information about the bonding and stereochemistry of complexes.

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