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1. “Composite Materials Science and Engineering” by K K Chawla

Book Review: This book contains all the updated information and the advancements made in the field of composite materials. The book also deals with processing, structure, properties and also provides a well balanced view of the materials science and composite mechanics. The book contains chapters on carbon brakes, jet engine composites, windmill blade composites, particulate composites and many more. The book also contains numerous examples pertaining to applications and essential data. This book is useful for students at the graduate and undergraduate level.

2. “Composite Materials: Engineering and Science” by F L Matthews and R D Rawlings

Book Review: This book demonstrates the increasing usage of composites in aerospace and energy industries and also updates the latest developments made in the field. The book contains chapter on non-conventional composites, polymer, and metal and ceramic matrix composites, self-healing composites, bio composites, laminates and many more. The book also provides numerous examples related to practical applications and is useful for researchers and practicing professionals. The book also discusses different types of reinforcements and matrices and the interaction between them.

3. “Engineering Mechanics of Composite Materials” by Isaac M Daniel

Book Review: This book performs the analysis of the behavior and properties of composite materials. The book analyses rigid, high strength and lightweight components which are used in infrastructure, aircraft and automobile industry, biomedical products and many more. The book also contains numerous exercises that are based upon the research by author and also the latest developments in the field of composites. The book also discusses different types of reinforcements and matrices and the interaction between them. . This book is useful for students at the graduate and undergraduate level.

4. “Finite Element Analysis of Composite Materials using Abaqus™” by Ever J Barbero

“Finite Element Analysis of Composite Materials using Abaqus” Book Review: The book covers theoretical as well as practical aspects of finite element analysis using abaqus software. It is recommended to students of the subject. The book examines the theoretical concepts involved in the analysis of composite and applies them to practical problems faced in the field and provides a solution using the abaqus software. The initial sections of the book familiarise the readers with fundamentals of finite element method before dealing with laminates, buckling analysis, free edge stresses, computational micromechanics, and viscoelastic models and composites. Readers can find a plethora of problems at the end of each chapter. The book also entails various pseudocodes of problems solved using abaqus.

5. “Advanced Polymer Composites and Polymers in the Civil Infrastructure” by L C Hollaway

“Advanced Polymer Composites and Polymers in the Civil Infrastructure” Book Review: The book covers the concepts of advanced polymer composites from a civil infrastructure standpoint. It can be accessed by students as well as working professionals. Various fabrication techniques, design strategies and formulae employed in structural composite systems are discussed. Fundamentals of geosynthetics used in geotechnical engineering are also included. Fibres and matrices used in the manufacture of composites and various other characteristics are also covered. The last section of the book emphasises on combining composites with conventional materials for different applications.

6. “Advanced Composites” by I K Partridge

“Advanced Composites” Book Review: Various concepts of the advanced composites are examined in this book. It targets specialists and non specialists of the subject alike. The concepts of testing methods, production and performance of various advanced composites with a focus on organic matrix materials are covered. An overview of the subject is provided without dwelling into complex mathematical and chemical topics.

7. “Advanced Composites: Design, Materials and Processing Technologies” by Not Available

“Advanced Composites: Design, Materials and Processing Technologies” Book Review: The book is a corroboration of various research papers presented at the 8th ASM/ESD Advanced Composites Conference held in Chicago, 1992. The book can be of interest to students, researchers and scientists. The main theme of the conference was technology, transfer and commercialization. The papers included cover a wide variety of topics such as processing, materials, design, and special topics in composite technology.

8. “Advanced Composites” by Cindy Foreman

“Advanced Composites” Book Review: The book deals with a variety of concepts of advanced composites. It can be read by students as well as working technicians of the field. Concepts of advanced composites such as classification, manufacturing and maintenance are covered. Safety equipment and troubleshooting procedures are emphasised. The focus of the book is on aircraft repair.

9. “Advanced Composites: The Latest Developments”
10. “Advanced Composite Materials (Advanced Material Series)” by Ashutosh Tiwari and Mohammad Rabia Alenezi

“Advanced Composite Materials (Advanced Material Series)” Book Review: The book covers major aspects of both theoretical and practical approaches of advanced composite materials. It targets students of advanced level courses and researchers of the field. Applications in the field of energy harvesting, memory devices, electrochemical biosensing and other advanced composite-based biomedical applications apart from theoretical concepts are examined. Fabrication and design strategies employed in developing appropriate composite materials for the efficient utilization of macro and nanoscale features are presented. Other topics include: pioneer composite materials, current-limiting defects, high-tech ceramics materials, carbon nanomaterials, biomaterials, tuning hydroxyapatite particles, biomimetic prototype interface.

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