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1. “Better Ceramics through Chemistry” by C J Brinker

“Better Ceramics through Chemistry” Book Review: Concepts of hybrid systems and their implementation to ceramics are highlighted in the book. Students of various disciplines, chemists, physicists and engineers can refer to this text. Properties of organic and inorganic hybrid materials such as mechanical, electrical, optical and porosity are studied. Synthesis as well as processing of these systems is also elucidated. Applications of hybrid systems including coatings, elastomers, porous materials, sensors and optoelectronics are also discussed.

2. “Ceramic Materials for Electronics” by R C Buchanan

“Ceramic Materials for Electronics” Book Review: A wide range of ceramics and their uses in electronics are examined. It targets professionals, anybody who designs electrical ceramic parts and electronic devices and students of senior undergraduate level courses. Design and fabrication of ceramic electrical devices and electronic devices that use ceramic materials are covered. Properties and applications of a wide range of ceramic materials such as piezoelectrics and ferroelectrics are discussed.

3. “Treatise on Materials Science and Technology: Ceramic Fabrication Processes” by F F Y Wang

“Treatise on Materials Science and Technology: Ceramic Fabrication Processes” Book Review: The book discusses properties of various materials. Professional engineers, students involved in the field of materials science can refer to this book. Powder preparation processes, milling and characterization of ceramic powders are covered. Dry pressing, hot pressing, isostatic pressing, slip casting. doctor-blade process, firing, ceramic machining and surface finishing are studied. Surface treatments, mechanical behaviour and surface texture measuring strategies are also examined. Properties of controlled solidification and crystal growth are elucidated.

4. “Additive Manufacturing and Strategic Technologies in Advanced Ceramics: Ceramic Transactions” by Kiyoshi Shimamura and Soshu Kirihara

“Additive Manufacturing and Strategic Technologies in Advanced Ceramics: Ceramic Transactions” Book Review: The book presents various research papers of the 11th International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components. It is of use to students of higher level courses, researchers of the field. Additive manufacturing technologies, advanced materials and their applications in the fields of electro-optical, biomedical, energy, environmental are highlighted. Other topics covered include powder processing technology, computational design and strategic processing, Materials such as UHTCs, Nanolaminated Ternary Carbides and Nitrides are given special importance.

5. ” Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry: Chapter 9. Mechanical Properties and Reliability of Advanced Ceramics” by Tanja Lube and Robert Danzer

”Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry: Chapter 9. Mechanical Properties and Reliability of Advanced Ceramics” Book Review: The book covers properties of advanced ceramics from a dentistry standpoint. Brittle fracture is explained with the help of linear elastic fracture mechanics before diving into the future scope of the topic. Further, the book deals with damage mechanisms applied to the field of dentistry. The last section of the book focuses on mechanical testing of ceramics and fractography.

6. “Handbook of Advanced Ceramics: Materials, Applications, Processing, and Properties” by Shigeyuki Somiya

“Handbook of Advanced Ceramics: Materials, Applications, Processing, and Properties” Book Review: Various aspects of advanced ceramics are covered in this handbook. It is of use to ceramists. Fundamentals of advanced ceramics are covered introducing the readers to a variety of topics. Properties of functional ceramics such as electro-ceramics and opto electro-ceramics along with several engineering ceramics are also discussed.

7. “Surface and Colloid Chemistry in Advanced Ceramics Processing” by Robert J Pugh

“Surface and Colloid Chemistry in Advanced Ceramics Processing” Book Review: Concepts of surface and colloid chemistry are covered from a ceramics standpoint. Various powder production processes and characterization are elucidated. Processing-property relationships and dispersion properties of powders are given importance. Rheology of concentrated suspensions and aspects of forming methods are discussed.

8. “Advanced Ceramics” by S Somiya

“Advanced Ceramics” Book Review: Concepts of advanced ceramics are dealt with in this book. It can be referred to be engineers, scientists and students involved in the fields of ceramics, materials sciences and materials engineering. Recent advances and developments in the field of advanced materials and particularly advanced ceramics are examined in this text. Various research papers presented at the lecture meetings on advanced ceramics are included in the book.

9. “Advanced Ceramic Technologies Products” by The Ceramic Society of Japan

“Advanced Ceramic Technologies Products” Book Review: The book accounts for various aspects of ceramic products ranging from development to manufacturing. Engineers and personnel of the manufacturing sector can access this book. Along with a wide variety of concepts, the book also deals with a wide range of applications of advanced ceramic products in our day to day life. Classical and modern production technologies of several ceramic products are described.

10. “Firing Ceramics (Advanced Series in Ceramics)” by G Bickley Remmey

“Firing Ceramics (Advanced Series in Ceramics)” Book Review: The book focuses on the firing process of ceramic manufacturing. It targets engineers and anybody manufacturing ceramic. The contents of the book are covered in three parts. The first part deals with the changes in ceramic in a kiin, processes taking place within the kiin and development of the firing cycle. The second part emphasises on the various kinds of kiin available and selection of the required kiin according to the user. The last part talks about the latest technological advances in the field of firing in various industries.

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