Linux Programmer Jobs (US) - Apr-2024

Experience (Years): Fresher:0-1 | Fresher-Mid:2-4 | Mid: 5-8
Mid-Senior: 9-11 | Senior: 12+ | Director: 15+

  1. Staff Software Engineer - Secure Embedded Operating Systems (Linux-Programmer-US-240416)
  2. Senior Software Engineer (Linux Kernel) (Linux-Programmer-US-240417)
  3. Linux Server Software Engineering Manager (Linux-Programmer-US-240418)
  4. GPU Kernel Mode Driver Engineer (Linux-Programmer-US-240419)
  5. Senior Software Engineer - Linux Kernel Release (Linux-Programmer-US-240420)

Title: Staff Software Engineer - Secure Embedded Operating Systems
Job Code: Linux-Programmer-US-240416

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Unspecified
Date Posted: 2024-03-27
Valid Through: 2024-04-29
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Job Description:
  • Deep expertise with the Linux kernel, filesystems, and devices
  • Networking experience including VLANs, 802.1x, TCP tuning, NIC features and configuration
  • Hands-on experience with secure boot, encrypted boot volumes, and TPM 2.0
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency in a language without automatic memory management (e.g., C or C++), and in a scripting language (e.g., Python or Ruby)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience
Bonus Qualifications:
  • Familiarity with security software: PKI, cryptographic building blocks, etc.
  • Experience with Linux in an embedded environment
  • Master’s degree or above with a focus on networking, operating systems, or computer security
  • Master’s degree or equivalent practical experience

Title: Senior Software Engineer (Linux Kernel)
Job Code: Linux-Programmer-US-240417

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Mid Level
Date Posted: 2024-03-30
Valid Through: 2024-04-27
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Job Description:
  • Architect a state-of-the-art embedded Linux platform for an advanced production-scale metal 3D printing systems.
  • Develop and integrate Linux drivers that enable communication with custom FPGAs, peripherals, and high-speed data links.
  • Lead and execute board bring-up efforts.
  • Support end-of-line PCB manufacturing with comprehensive functional tests.
  • Generate and maintain documentation of designed software and integrated systems.
Basic Qualifications:
  • 5+ years of experience in Linux platform/kernel development.
  • Proficient in C, bash, and hardware test scripting (e.g. Python).
  • Experience developing Linux-based device drivers, Board Support Packages (BSP), and platform development (including bootloaders).
  • Experience with board bring-up on new hardware.
  • Experience with on-chip debugging tools and troubleshooting both software and hardware.
Preferred Skills and Experience:
  • Bachelor's, Master's or PhD in computer science, applied mathematics, engineering, or related field.
  • Experience working with FPGA-connected processors.
  • Experience with PCIe driver development and troubleshooting.
  • Experience with high-speed data acquisition and real time closed-loop-control systems.
  • Excellent knowledge of OS coding techniques, IP protocols, interfaces, and hardware subsystems.
  • Experience writing software for industrial automation systems, robotics, or related hardware.
  • Creative thinker able to apply first-principles reasoning to solve complex problems.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Title: Linux Server Software Engineering Manager
Job Code: Linux-Programmer-US-240418

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Fresher-Mid Level
Date Posted: 2024-03-29
Valid Through: 2024-04-26
Apply: Job Application Form

Job Description:
What you'll do:
  • Lead a team of distributed engineers to design and implement the best Ubuntu integration for the latest server-class hardware platforms and software stacks
  • Engage with commercial partners to deliver a delightful, optimised, first class Ubuntu experience on their platforms
  • Develop your team through coaching, mentoring, leading by example, and feedback
  • Oversee commercial engagements and support timely delivery on agreed project milestones
  • Ensure an ongoing commitment to strict quality and reliability standards
  • Engage with other teams at Canonical to ensure alignment on product architecture and roadmaps
  • Work from home with global travel up to twice a year for up to two weeks
Valued Skills And Experience:
  • Proven track record in technical roles with Linux, preferably Ubuntu or Debian
  • High quality software engineering with in-depth knowledge of C/C++ and Python
  • Experience with one or more of: Ubuntu - kernel and userspace, deb/snap packaging, embedded linux, QEMU/KVM and/or OVS/OVN
  • Experience working directly with customers, going beyond resolving their technical issues, to interpreting their business challenges and effectively communicating how your solution will meet their needs
  • Experience managing software engineers with a track record of planning, delivery and quality
  • Effective collaboration across multiple internal teams, building trust and delivering results

Title: GPU Kernel Mode Driver Engineer
Job Code: Linux-Programmer-US-240419

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Fresher (Entry Level)
Date Posted: 2024-03-29
Valid Through: 2024-04-26
Apply: Job Application Form

Job Description:
Key Qualifications:
  • Good programming with knowledge of C/C++
  • Understand computer system architecture
  • Understanding of driver development or Operating System concepts
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
Education & Experience:
  • Technical BS/MS degree or equivalent years of experience
Additional Requirements:
  • Experience with power management and control theory is a plus

Title: Senior Software Engineer - Linux Kernel Release
Job Code: Linux-Programmer-US-240420

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Mid Level
Date Posted: 2024-03-27
Valid Through: 2024-04-30
Apply: Job Application Form

Job Description:
Minimum qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 5 years of experience with software development in C, and with data structures/algorithms.
  • 3 years of experience testing, maintaining, or launching software products, and 1 year of experience with software design and architecture.
  • Experience with Linux kernel.
Preferred qualifications:
  • Experience in Linux kernel programming, including device driver development, low level platform support (e.g., interrupt controllers, IOMMU etc), other kernel feature development, kernel debugging in the presence of a complex technical stack, kernel performance measurement and tuning, and participation in the upstream Linux kernel community.
  • Knowledge of x86 and/or Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) assembly language and instruction sets.
  • Ability to work with a complex technical stack and guide or implement fixes in the kernel and related software.
  • Work with internal teams and the upstream Linux community to implement, port, and maintain Google specific features in the Linux kernel.
  • Debug and fix issues that are uncovered in a range of kernel qualification testing.
  • Support the creation and release of Linux kernel to internal customers.
  • Provide technical support to internal Linux kernel customers.

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