Pointer to Pointer in C with Example

Question: What is Pointer to Pointer in C Programming?

Answer: A pointer is a variable that holds address, address of a variable of any basic types, address of a structure, address of an array or address of some other pointer variable. For example,

    int val = 10;
    int *pi = &val;    /* pi is a pointer pointing to integer val */
    int **ppi = π   /* ppi is a pointer to pointer to int */

Can you figure out results of following statements?


val is simplest gives value 10. What about value of *pi? We initialized pi address of integer val. Therefore, pi is pointing to val and we know that indirection on a pointer to something is that thing.


results 10. Similarly, ppi is pointing to pi, single indirection on ppi, i.e.


results pi which is pointer to val. Therefore, double indirection on ppi, i.e.


or equivalently,

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or equivalently,


which is *pi; and this results 10.


Why do we ever need a pointer to pointer when simple assignment works? Actually, consider the instance of insertion of new value in the singly linked list, fragment of code I’ve written below for easy understanding,

/* let's insert new value in the ordered list */
void insert_value(Node **linkp, int new_value)
    Node *new_node;
    Node *current;
     * walk down the list to find appropriate place to insert
     * the new value
    while ((current = *linkp) != NULL && current->data < new_value)
            linkp = &current->link;
    /* Let's allocate new node dynamically */
    new_node = (Node *)malloc(sizeof(Node));
    /* Let's confirm if new_node allocated successfully */
    if (new_node == NULL) {
            puts("ERROR: new_node allocation!");
    /* write-in new_value into value field of new_node */
    new_node->data = new_value;
    /* Let's insert new_node into the list */
    new_node->link = current; /* new_node points to current node */
    *linkp = new_node;        /* previous node points to new_node */
    puts("**New value successfully added into the list!**\n");

Notice here that a simple variable is not known within the function scope and linkp which is pointer to pointer to type Node makes insertion easy and efficient.


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