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1. “Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” by J M Smith and M M Abbott

Book Review: This book covers the entire concept related to thermodynamics from the point of chemical engineering. The book explains the principles of thermodynamics and deals with its applications to chemical processes. All the chapters in the book contain examples and illustrations that help the readers to easily understand the concepts. This book is a very good reference for graduate courses and professional courses. The book is also of great use to undergraduate students for studying chemical engineering thermodynamics.

2. “Chemical, Biochemical and Engineering Thermodynamics” by S I Sandler

“Chemical, Biochemical and Engineering Thermodynamics” Book Review: The book covers the essential fundamentals of chemical engineering thermodynamics. Chemical engineering students or practitioners can refer to this book. The contents of the book are presented in a total of 15 chapters. Emphasis is laid on applications of thermodynamics in the text. Chapters dealing with biochemical examples and applications are also presented. The readers can find lists of key terms and objectives at the beginning of each chapter. Several worked problems are also given in the text. A complementary CD also consists of the MATHCAD trial version enabling students in better understanding of the subject.

3. “Molecular Thermodynamics of Fluid-Phase Equilibria” by J M Prausnitz and E G Azevedo

Book Review: This book is completely updated with models, theories, examples and information. This is a very good textbook for interpretation, correlation and prediction of thermodynamic properties that are used in phase equilibrium calculations. This book also explains the techniques that are applied in molecular simulation, physical chemistry, molecular physics and classical thermodynamics. The book also includes techniques for improvement of separation processes and concepts for enabling interpretation of solution properties. The book also contains chapters on polymer solutions and electrolyte solutions.

4. “Thermodynamics and its Applications” by J W Tester and M Modell

Book Review: This book provides a very good understanding of various concepts related to chemical thermodynamics and its applications. The book also covers the theoretical aspects of classical thermodynamics and contains chapters on fundamental equations, equilibrium criteria and many more. The book also contains a description on property correlation, modeling, manipulation and estimation. The book also discusses empirical base and molecular based approaches for mixtures. Applications of thermodynamics are also discussed in the book.

5. “Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” by H C Van Ness

“Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” Book Review: The book covers thermodynamics from a chemical engineering standpoint. It targets students interested in the domain of thermodynamics and its applications. Emphasis is laid on principles and applications of thermodynamics throughout the text. The book is written in a comprehensible manner. The concepts presented in the book are aided by numerous problems and exercises in the book.

6. “Principles of Heat Transfer” by Raj M Manglik

“Principles of Heat Transfer” Book Review: The book covers all the fundamentals of heat transfer principles. It is recommended to students of undergraduate or graduate level courses. The concepts are covered with both a classical as well as modern computational and analytical standpoints. Simple mathematical concepts required to deal with complex phenomena are also presented. The book also describes various formulas and derivations of the subject.

7. “Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” by Gopinath Halder

“Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” Book Review: The book covers the essential fundamental concepts of chemical engineering thermodynamics. The book is recommended to undergraduate students studying chemical engineering and other disciples such as polymer, petroleum and pharmaceutical engineering. It begins by introducing the readers to fundamentals and important paradigms of chemical engineering thermodynamics. Further, the book dives into complex topics such as laws of thermodynamics, properties, liquefaction and refrigeration processes. A wide variety of applications of the illustrated concepts are also elucidated. The readers can find several solved problems throughout the text.


“Textbook of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” Book Review: The Book presents the concepts of chemical engineering thermodynamics. It is prescribed to students of chemical engineering. The book entails important topics such as the first law of thermodynamics, PVT behaviour, second law of thermodynamics, applications of the laws of thermodynamics. The readers can find several problems with solutions given at the end of the text. A few other concepts elucidated are: Properties of Solutions, Phase Equilibria and Chemical Reaction Equilibria.

9. “Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” by Y V C Rao

“Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics” Book Review: The book presents the concepts of thermodynamics and its applications in chemical engineering. It targets students of undergraduate level courses in chemical engineering. Basic principles are covered in a comprehensible manner in the book. Concepts of Jacobian method of deriving thermodynamic relations, use of the Bridgman table, stability and phase transition in thermodynamic systems are elucidated. Emphasis is also laid on the Equation Of State (EOS) approach.

10. “Thermodynamics : An Engineering Approach” by Michael A Boles

“Thermodynamics : An Engineering Approach” Book Review: The book covers concepts of thermodynamics related to the field of engineering. It is recommended to students interested in the domain of thermodynamics. The book explains the concepts of Joule-Thompson coefficient, Carnot cycle, entropy, refrigeration. The reader can find the concepts complemented by several worked out problems and exercises.

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