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1. “Basics of Digital Electronics” by Bhupesh Bhatia and M V Subramanyam
2. “Basic Digital Electronics (Physics and Its Applications)” by J A Strong

“Basic Digital Electronics (Physics and Its Applications)” Book Review: The book is designed for the students who are undergoing electrical and electronics, electronics and communication, computer science, electronics and instrumentation, information technology and electronics and control engineering.The book lays emphasis on Binary Variable and Boolean Algebra and helps the reader to understand about complex combinational circuits which includes Programmable Logic Devices. The book discusses various Logic Gates, Decoders, Multiplexers, Parity memories followed by Latches and flip-flops. The book also focuses on Various types of counters, Memory architecture followed by various types of conversions. The book also covers new IEC symbols given to the standard circuit symbols. The book also includes exercises with answers to selected questions.

3. “Digital Electronics (Basic Skills in Electricity and Electronics)” by Roger L Tokheim
4. “Basic Principles of Digital and Analog EEG” by Fisch

“Basic Principles of Digital and Analog EEG” Book Review:The book is designed for those who want to learn EEG or those who are already experienced. The book contains precise information of the fundamentals of EEG technology as well as give an overview of the latest digital EEG technology and EEG clinical correlations.The book begins with the summary of major concepts of EEG, generator of the EEG, Recording of electrical potential with scalp electrodes followed by Digital and Analog EEG Instrument. The book also talks about Artifacts, The product of recording and Special Methods of analysis and recording. The second part of the book describes the relation of EEG to brain function, Descriptors of EEG activity followed by Sleep stages and Activation Procedures.

5. “Basic Electronics digital and Microprocessor Manual” by S K Gupta
6. “Digital Electronics” by Ray Ryan and Lisa A Doyle
7. “Basic Electronics” by S Y Kulkarni and B Somanathan Nair

“Basic Electronics”Book Review: The book is designed for the first year engineering students. The book describes the basic concepts of Semiconductor Diodes, Bipolar Junction Transistors, Bissing Methods followed by other Devices such as Amplifiers and Oscillators, Operational Amplifiers, Boolean Algebra and Communication Systems;Digital Logics. The book incorporates various applications and advantages of Semiconductor Diodes and various devices.The book also contains simplified analysis and derivations along with 205 figures and Circuit Diagrams. The book has 50 Solved Examples and more than 70 Numerical Problems with well explained answers.

8. “Basic Electronics” by K Uma Rao and M A Ibrar Jahan

“Basic Electronics” Book Review: The comprehensive textbook is published for First year Engineering Students.The book discusses the basic concepts of electronic devices and circuits in a simple language. The book focuses on Semiconductor Diodes and their applications in Rectifiers and Voltage Regulators; Transistors and their configurations. The book also talks about Applications in Amplifiers and Oscillator Circuits; Operational amplifiers and their applications; number systems and fundamentals of analog communication circuits and basic transducers.
9. “Digital Filters: Basics and Design” by Dietrich Schlichthärle

“Digital Filters: Basics and Design” Book Review: The textbook gives a comprehensive insight into a Design and Characteristics of Digital Fibres. The book is designed for undergraduate students who want to study about Digital Fibres. The book introduces the theory of Design methods for Analog Filters and theory of Continuous-time systems followed by Time-discrete systems, The basic structures of digital fibres, Sampling theorem and Design of IIR Filters. The book laid emphasis on non-recursive filters and the effects of finite register length and discussion on various techniques like Oversampling and Noise shaping. The book has also discussed the practical implementation of Theoretical Concepts.
10. “Basic Digital Electronics” by Alvis J Evans
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