Data Scientist Jobs (US) - Apr-May 2024

Experience (Years): Fresher:0-1 | Fresher-Mid:2-4 | Mid: 5-8
Mid-Senior: 9-11 | Senior: 12+ | Director: 15+

  1. Entry Level Data Scientist (Data-Scientist-US-240416)
  2. Data Scientist (Data-Scientist-US-240417)
  3. Staff Data Scientist (Data-Scientist-US-240418)
  4. Data Scientist (Data-Scientist-US-240419)
  5. Data Scientist (Data-Scientist-US-240420)

Title: Entry Level Data Scientist
Job Code: Data-Scientist-US-240416

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Unspecified
Date Posted: 2024-03-27
Valid Through: 2024-04-27
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Job Description:
Job Description:

Good understanding of the below models:
  • Identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes
  • Undertake preprocessing of structured and unstructured data
  • Analyze large amounts of information to Client trends and patterns
  • Classifier, Random Forest Classifier, Nave Bayes, Support Vector Machine
  • Machine Learning Algorithms - Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree
  • Unsupervised/Clustering algorithms
  • NLP models, Deep Learning models for image classification
Desired Candidate Profile

Skills Required:
  • Hands on experience Python scripting
  • Hands on experience in building Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models
  • Good knowledge on Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Hands on experience on platforms - Microsoft Azure/Amazon Web Services
  • Libraries - Numpy, Pands, Scikit learn, Seaborn, Plotly, TensorFLow, Should be able to do data visualisation using Tableau or Excel.
  • Excellent English communication (both oral and written) and reading comprehension skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with clear attention to detail.
Education Requirement:

Bachelors, Masters in Computer Science/ Computer Engineering/ Information Systems/Information Technology/ Electrical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering.

Title: Data Scientist
Job Code: Data-Scientist-US-240417

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Unspecified
Date Posted: 2024-03-31
Valid Through: 2024-04-26
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Job Description:
Required Skills:
  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive Model Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Assesment Testing
  • R
  • Python
  • GIT
  • Develop and train Machine Learning models to predict transgenic construct expression levels in plants.
  • Maintain version history for code used as well as models themselves.
  • Constantly assess, record, and communicate model performance with respect to business needs.
  • Use model predictions to optimize experiment designs.
  • Required Proficiencies:
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • R
    • Python
    • SQL
    • Unix/shell
    • Docker
    • git
  • Preferred:
    • Bioinformatics
    • Biology
    • Kubernetes
    • Jupyter
    • Julia
    • Statistics
    • Mixed models
    • Experience with Distributive Computing and Optimization Subset Selection
Education: Bachelors Degree

Title: Staff Data Scientist
Job Code: Data-Scientist-US-240418

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Mid Level
Date Posted: 2024-03-31
Valid Through: 2024-04-28
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Job Description:
Job Description:

We're looking for a senior or staff level Data Scientist / Engineer to join our Performance Intelligence Team. You'll play a hands-on role in the development of the data pipelines, transforming data, and creating dashboards for visualization, making data accessible, scalable, and actionable. The ideal candidate possesses a strong aptitude for data, enjoys problem-solving, and effectively manages priorities.

  • Create data models, reports & analyses to support business needs and convert raw data into meaningful insights through interactive and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.
  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders to define internal and external metrics & system requirements.
  • Translate team's needs into data solutions using data processing software & visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau.
  • Recommend a technical approach to data pipeline development and understand the correct schemas to future-proof data pipelines.
  • Develop custom queries, tables, dashboards, and reports.
  • Review, improve and optimize existing ETL/SQL queries, dashboard views, and procedures while implementing best practices for data extraction and storage.
  • Work on implementation of technology needed to facilitate the transfer of data and integrations with internal and third-party applications.
  • Propose, define, review and test data warehouse modifications to improve report design efficiency.
  • 8+ years experience working with databases, data warehouses, data lakes, ETL/ELT and reporting & analytic tools.
  • Hands-on experience in extracting data from various data sources and building data models (Star Schema/Snowflake).
  • Experience in requirements analysis, design, and prototyping.
  • Experience in the architecture and development of scale-able production software and or enterprise data solutions.
  • Experience resolving complex issues creatively and efficiently.
  • A strong working knowledge of KQL, SQL, Azure ADX, and or relational databases.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in transferring data between cross-platform applications.
  • Ability to write clean, readable, and maintainable software with documentation in Java and/or Python (but experience with both not required).
  • Excellent written & oral communication skills, and strong organizational & planning skills.
  • Experience with data visualization tools like Power BI or Tableau (3+ years preferred)
  • Experience with cloud data platforms (experience with Azure is a plus).
  • Experience with machine learning and or artificial intelligence is a plus.
  • B.S. in Computer Science, Data Engineering, or related field.

Title: Data Scientist
Job Code: Data-Scientist-US-240419

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Fresher-Mid Level
Date Posted: 2024-03-29
Valid Through: 2024-04-27
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Job Description:
Job Description:

As a Data Scientist, you will be involved in many areas of DMD’s Email, AIMXR and Ecosystem data, including analysis, reporting, research, and optimization.

You will participate in a wide range of business activities from working with project owners on understanding requirements to processing the data, creating the visualizations, and most importantly, delivering the results that help guide business decisions. You will also be responsible for building self-service tools, reports and data extracts to be used by clients and internal stakeholders.

The candidate will join a highly visible team with engagement across nearly every segment of DMD’s business and operations. We help answer some of the toughest business questions with quantifiable data analysis and interpretation. As a member of this team, you will not just produce the results, but seek insights from the data, and tell the relevant story, allowing stakeholders to connect with the data, and build deeper understanding. You will also be responsible for designing and automating data collection, transformation, validation and distribution processes for internal and external clients.

The list below is not comprehensive, but rather intended to provide a general idea of the opportunities available as a Data Scientist, with DMD
  • Produce ‘deep-dive’ analysis of our unique data and communicate effective, actionable narratives
  • Validate and manipulate high volume of web, email and physician level data
  • Assist with processing and delivery of contracted client facing reports and analysis
  • Improve existing client facing data visualizations and reports
  • Work with Sales and Account Management teams to support their new client and upsell opportunities
  • Contribute to ongoing product support and facilitate the development new customer support applications.
  • Build a solid working knowledge of DMD’s data sources, their relationships and value to internal and external client’s business challenges and requirements.
  • Efficiently respond to client issues and needs. Generate solution options while balancing the client’s demands with other reporting priorities.
  • BS degree with a specialty in data science, data analytics or related
  • 4+ years of relevant experience in data analytics and marketing support
  • Experience with relational-style query languages is rquired (T-SQL, AWS Athena or SQL Server)
  • Understanding of data pipelining and ETL, solid R knowledge
  • Understanding of Tableau, and AWS
  • Knowledge of Agile software development and project management processes
  • Understanding of Medical / Pharmaceutical digital marketing industry and the related data and regulations is desired, but not mandatory
  • Unparalleled attention to detail, multitasking and organizational capacity
  • Strong technical, process and problem-solving proficiency
  • Experience with JIRA and Confluence
  • Ability to set and deliver on priorities and deal with a degree of ambiguity
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communications capabilities
  • Display organizational and emotional intelligence
  • A desire to learn, adapt and perfect your work

Title: Data Scientist
Job Code: Data-Scientist-US-240420

Location: Hybrid
Experience: Unspecified
Date Posted: 2024-03-31
Valid Through: 2024-04-30
Apply: Job Application Form

Job Description:

  • Strong NoSQL and SQL database experience, specifically with Elastic, MySQL, and /or DynamoDB
  • Data modeling and database design/architecture knowledge
  • Familiarity with ETL and data pipeline best practices
  • AWS cloud experience strongly preferred, but not absolutely required.

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