What is iSCSI Name, Node and/or Alias

Here is a listing of technical definitions for iSCSI Names, Nodes and Aliases.

iSCSI Name: The name of an iSCSI initiator or iSCSI target. The name can follow any of IQN, EUI or NAA naming schemes.

iSCSI Initiator Name: The iSCSI Initiator Name specifies the worldwide unique name of the initiator.

iSCSI Target Name: The iSCSI Target Name specifies the worldwide unique name of the target.

iSCSI Node: The iSCSI Node represents a single iSCSI initiator or iSCSI target. There are one or more iSCSI Nodes within a Network Entity. The iSCSI Node is accessible via one or more Network Portals. An iSCSI Node is identified by its iSCSI Name. The separation of the iSCSI Name from the addresses used by and for the iSCSI Node allows multiple iSCSI Nodes to use the same address, and the same iSCSI Node to use multiple addresses.

iSCSI Initiator Node: The “initiator”.


iSCSI Target Node: The “target”.

Alias: An alias string can also be associated with an iSCSI Node. The alias allows an organization to associate a user-friendly string with the iSCSI Name. However, the alias string is not a substitute for the iSCSI Name.

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