Strength of Materials Questions and Answers – Types of Beams and Loads

This set of Strength of Materials Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Types of Beams and Loads”.

1. _______ is a horizontal structural member subjected to transverse loads perpendicular to its axis.
a) Strut
b) Column
c) Beam
d) Truss
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Answer: c
Explanation: A beam is a horizontal structural member subjected to a transverse load perpendicular to its own axis. Beams are used to support weights of roof slabs, walls and staircases. The type of beam usually depends upon the span, type of load elasticity and type of structure.

2. Example for cantilever beam is ______
a) Portico slabs
b) Roof slab
c) Bridges
d) Railway sleepers
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Answer: a
Explanation: A beam which is fixed at one end and is free at other end, it is called cantilever beam. The examples for it are portico slabs and sunshades.

3. The diagram depicts _______ kind of beam.
The diagram depicts Propped cantilever kind of beam
a) Cantilever
b) Continuous
c) Over hanging
d) Propped cantilever
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Answer: d
Explanation: A beam which is fixed at one end and free at other end is called cantilever beam. In this case, some support other than the existing ones may be provided in order to avoid excessive deflection or to reduce the amount of bending moment, the additional support is known as a prop. The beam is known as a propped cantilever beam.

4. Fixed beam is also known as __________
a) Encastered beam
b) Built on beam
c) Rigid beam
d) Tye beam
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Answer: a
Explanation: A beam which is fixed at both supports is called fixed beam or encastered beam. All framed structures are examples of fixed beams.

5. U.D.L stands for?
a) Uniformly diluted length
b) Uniformly developed loads
c) Uniaxial distributed load
d) Uniformly distributed loads
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Answer: d
Explanation: These loads are uniformly spread over a portion or whole area. They are generally represented as rate of load that is Kilo Newton per meter length (KN/m).
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6. Given below diagram is ______ load.
Given below diagram is Uniformly varying load
a) Uniformly distributed load
b) Uniformly varying load
c) Uniformly decess load
d) Point load
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Answer: b
Explanation: A load which varies uniformly on each unit length is known as uniformly varying load. Sometimes the load is zero at one end and increases uniformly to the other forms of uniformly varying loads.

7. Moving train is an example of ____ load.
a) Point load
b) Cantered load
c) Rolling load
d) Uniformly varying load
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Answer: c
Explanation: As train’s wheels (rolling stock) move in rolling way. The upcoming load will be considered as rolling load.

8. Continuous beams are _________
a) Statically determinate beams
b) Statically indeterminate beams
c) Statically gravity beams
d) Framed beams
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Answer: b
Explanation: Fixed beams and continuous beams are statically indeterminate beams which cannot be analyzed only by using static equations.

9. A beam which extends beyond it supports can be termed as __________
a) Over hang beam
b) Over span beam
c) Isolated beams
d) Tee beams
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Answer: a
Explanation: A Beam extended beyond its support. And the position of extension is called as over hung portion.
Beam extended beyond its support & position of extension is called as over hung portion

10. Units of U.D.L?
a) KN/m
b) KN-m
c) KN-m×m
d) KN
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Answer: a
Explanation: As these loads distribute over span the units for this kind of loads will be load per meter length i.e KN/m. It is denoted by “w”.

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