Interview Questions – Biggest Storage Capacities in the World

The following job interview questions highlight the enormity of storage challenges organizations face for internet scale businesses as well as traditional businesses. Example includes – Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more companies.

Convert the following storage capacities in terms in 2^x bytes or 10^y bytes:

  1. 1 TB – ?
  2. 1 KB – ?
  3. 1 GB – ?
  4. 1 PB – ?
  5. 1 YB – ?
  6. 1 ZB – ?
  7. 1 MB – ?
  8. 1 EB – ?
  9. Give an example of a file format or an application or a type of application that generates data with such capacities as mentioned above.

Here’s an example of storage capacity needed by Google for Gmail Service (there are many other storage services like YouTube, Google+, Blogger, Picasa Web Album, Google Maps, Google Earth, etc.).

Calculate the total storage capacity needed by email providers like Google for it’s Gmail service:

  1. What is the storage capacity of a typical hard disk?
  2. How much free storage space allocated to per gmail user?
  3. What is the total number of gmail users/accounts in World?
  4. What is the total storage space needed by google to support all these free users in World?
  5. How many hard disks will be needed to store data of all gmail users in World?
  6. How Google solves this problem?

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