Statistical Quality Control Questions and Answers – What is Experimental Design – 1

This set of Statistical Quality Control Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “What is Experimental Design – 1”.

1. A designed experiment is a test or series of tests in which ____________ changes are made to the input variables so that we may observe and identify corresponding changes in the output response.
a) Systematic
b) Random
c) Purposeful
d) Non-purposeful
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Answer: c
Explanation: A designed experiment is a series of test in which we change the input variables according to our choice to obtain a desired change in the output. These changes are perfectly purposeful.

2. Which of these does not come into the general model of a process?
a) Input
b) Controllable input factors
c) Uncontrollable inputs factors
d) Acceptance sampling
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Answer: d
Explanation: The general model of process describes a process to which the input is provided in the presence of controllable factors and uncontrollable input factors, to get an output.

3. The uncontrollable factors are the factor ___________
a) That varies according to a normal distribution
b) That does not vary at all
c) That can be controlled by the user
d) That cannot be changed according to the wish of the user
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Answer: d
Explanation: There are two types of factors present with a process input while running period of a process, the controllable, and the uncontrollable input factors. The factors, which can be changed according to user’s wish, are called the uncontrollable factors.

4. The uncontrollable factors are also called ____________
a) Designed factors
b) Noise factors
c) Acceptance factors
d) Sound factors
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Answer: b
Explanation: The uncontrollable input factors are present when the process is running, and these factors can’t be varied according to the user’s wish. So these factors are also called the noise factors.

5. Which of these steps are not conducted when the design of experiment procedure is adopted?
a) Determining which variable is most influential to output
b) Determining where to set the influential controllable factors so that output is near the nominal requirement
c) Deleting the uncontrollable factors
d) Determining where to set the influential controllable inputs so that the variability in the output is smallest
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Answer: c
Explanation: While conducting the design of experiment procedure, we determine the influential factors which affect the output, vary the determined variables to get a required output value.
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6. Experimental design methods are not used ____________
a) Evaluating the process capability
b) In process development
c) In process troubleshooting to improve process performance
d) To obtain a process that is robust and insensitive to external sources of variability
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Answer: a
Explanation: The experimental design methods may be used either in process development or process troubleshooting to improve process performance, or to obtain a process that is robust or insensitive to external variability causes.

7. The designed experiments are the part of ___________ step of DMAIC process.
a) Define
b) Measure
c) Analyze
d) Control
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Answer: c
Explanation: The major procedure parts, which are used in the designing of the experiments, are including the analysis of data and their improvement. So they are an integral part of the Analyze and Improve step of DMAIC process.

8. The design of the experiment is used to determine the variables which are ___________ affecting the state of the process.
a) The most
b) The least
c) Not
d) Not changing or
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Answer: a
Explanation: The design of the experiment procedure is, determining the variables which most affect the process state and the output. We vary these variables to get a relationship between them and the output.

9. Which of these can be used to develop a new process?
a) Design of experiments
b) Acceptance sampling
c) Control charts
d) Histogram
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Answer: a
Explanation: The design of the experiment procedure is an active statistical method, which can be used to control the values of the output, by obtaining the relationship between the input factors and output. SO this can be used to design a new process with great process capability.

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