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Many top IT companies, Startups, and Product companies look forward to the list of trained participants from Sanfoundry for their specialized hiring needs in Linux / C / Kernel / Drivers / Networking / Systems Programming and SAN Technology areas. We get calls from many Directors, Senior Managers, Tech Leads, and Recruiters to fill their specialized requirements in these areas. The positions are mostly core developer positions.

Sanfoundry doesn’t promise any direct placement nor do we promise any placement assistance to anyone who takes training from us. In general, the candidates who are trained by our Founder go through rigorous training sessions along with the hands-on lab. Hence, they understand the technology area well and naturally develop core skills in those technology areas. This allows them to become quite confident during their interview process and many of them automatically get hired by attending a few interviews.

However, we keep getting requests for trained students, so will consider our trained students for these positions, if they fit the requirement.

Here’s a sample list of positions:

1. R&D Engineer: 4-8 Years of Experience

The company is looking for candidates with the C/Unix programming skillset and HPC knowledge.


Requirements and Other Details:
a) Distributed System development in C, Good Understanding of Data Structure and Unix environment
b) Solid knowledge of HPC, Performance Evaluation, and Cluster Management
c) Very good in written and oral communication
d) Experience in programming and version control tools (autoconf, gcc, git, Jira)
e) Working with the Agile team, and coordinating activities with distributed teams in different locations (USA, Europe, India)
f) Network and Database programming is added advantage
g) Python and REST API development is added advantage
h) Knowledge of Unit and System test framework in C is added advantage

2. Software Engineer & Senior Software Engineer: 2-8 Years of Experience

The Company is India’s first IP Networking company that is focused on building networking and cyber security solutions for next-generation Enterprise and DC networks.

Mandatory requirements:
a) Concepts of Networking Domain (L2, L3 protocol basics/advance based on yrs of experience)
b) Expertise in C/C++ programming
c) In-depth knowledge of Data Structures
d) Socket Programming
d) Debugging skills

Desirable requirements:
a) System-level kernel programming including file systems & device drivers
b) Basics of any scripting language (Perl/Python/Expect programming)

3. Freshers with Solid C/C++ Skills

The Company is a Startup.

Mandatory requirements:
1) Very good Programming skills (C/C++/Java)
2) Good with Data Structures
3) Good Linux skills


Hiring Process:
1) Technical Interview
2) Fitment/HR interview

4. Linux Kernel Developer: 1-5 Years of Experience

The company is an early-stage startup, working on Linux kernel customization. This is not any support or testing work, rather it’s a core R&D work, where the candidate would be working on customizing the Linux kernel.

Mandatory requirements:
– Proficient in all components of Linux Kernel(must)
– Extensive knowledge of Linux architecture
– Work experience on at least one component
– Proficient in Linux desktops (UI)


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Manish Bhojasia - Founder & CTO at Sanfoundry
Manish Bhojasia, a technology veteran with 20+ years @ Cisco & Wipro, is Founder and CTO at Sanfoundry. He lives in Bangalore, and focuses on development of Linux Kernel, SAN Technologies, Advanced C, Data Structures & Alogrithms. Stay connected with him at LinkedIn.

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