Physics Questions and Answers – Measurement of Mass


This set of Physics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Measurement of Mass”.

1. Which of the following is the standard unit of measurement of mass?
a) Gram
b) Kilogram
c) Pound
d) Dozen
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Answer: b
Explanation: Kilogram is the standard unit of measurement of mass. Pound and gram are also units of mass nut are not standard. Dozen is a unit of measurement of quantity.

2. Which of the following is the correct relation?
a) 1 Kg = 100 g
b) 1 Kg = 1 g
c) 1 g = 0.001 Kg
d) 1 g = 0.01 Kg
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Answer: c
Explanation: 1 kilogram consists of a thousand grams. Therefore 1 Kg = 1000g, which is equivalent to 1g = 0.001 Kg.

3. Mass can be explained as _____
a) Amount of space
b) Amount of time
c) Amount of weight
d) Amount of matter
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Answer: d
Explanation: Mass is the amount of matter in a body. Amount of space covered by a body is called volume. Amount of time and weight do not have any physical significance.

4. Mass can be measured using _____
a) Beam balance
b) Clock
c) Our hands
d) Water
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Answer: a
Explanation: Mass is usually measured using a beam balance. In a bean balance, we put a weigh an unknown mass against a known mass. This is the most common method of mass measurement.

5. Mass is a _____
a) Scalar quantity
b) Vector quantity
c) Free quantity
d) Dependent quantity
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Answer: a
Explanation: Mass is a scalar quantity. This means that it does not have direction. Scalar quantities are also called as directionless quantities.

6. Weight represents ___
a) Mass
b) Time
c) Pressure
d) Force
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Answer: d
Explanation: Weight is the force exerted on a body by gravity. It is the quantification of the gravitational pull on a body. Weight is equal to mass times the acceleration due to gravity.

7. Which one of the following units can be used to measure matter?
a) Kilogram
b) Newton
c) Second
d) Mile
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Answer: a
Explanation: Mass is used to measure matter. Hence, the units to measure matter are same as the ones used to measure mass. Among the available choices, kilogram can be used to measure mass. Therefore, kilogram can be used to measure matter.

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