Organic Chemistry Questions and Answers – Hydrocarbons

This set of Organic Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Hydrocarbons”.

1. Hydrocarbons are organic compounds with element __________
a) Hydrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon
d) Both hydrogen and carbon
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Answer: d
Explanation: These organic compounds are made up of only carbon and hydrogen and hence the name hydrocarbons.

2. Find the odd one out.
a) Aromatic
b) Alkanes
c) Alkynes
d) Alkenes
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Answer: a
Explanation: aromatic is a separate branch of hydrocarbons. Whereas the alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes are subfamilies of the branch aliphatic hydrocarbons.

3. The simplest member of organic compounds is?
a) Methanol
b) Methane
c) Formaldehyde
d) Formic acid
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Answer: b
Explanation: Methane is the simplest member of alkane family and indeed the simplest of organic compounds, as all other compounds are derived by altering this compound.

4. Ethane is obtained by electrolyzing __________
a) Potassium formate
b) Potassium succinate
c) Potassium acetate
d) Potassium fumarate
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Answer: b
Explanation: By electrolyzing potassium succinate (the process is generally called Kolbe’s electrolysis), ethane is obtained.

5. “Methane is a product of aerobic respiration”.
a) False
b) True
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Answer: a
Explanation: Methane is the end product of anaerobic decay of plants due to the breakdown of very complicated molecules.

6. Calcium carbide on reaction with water gives?
a) Methane
b) Ethane
c) propane
d) Acetylene
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Answer: d
Explanation: CaC2 + H20—-> C2H2 + Ca(OH)2.

7. Name the process associated with acylation of benzene.
a) Friedel craft reaction
b) Wurtz reaction
c) Wurtz fitting reaction
d) Debey Huckel reaction
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Answer: a
Explanation: The electrophilic substitution reaction that takes place between ethanoyl chloride and benzene is called as Friedel craft reaction.

8. The hydrocarbon in which all the 4 valencies of carbon are fully occupied is called as __________
a) Alkene
b) Alkyne
c) Alkane
d) Cycloalkane
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Answer: c
Explanation: Alkanes , the saturated hydrocarbons are those in which the carbon atoms are bonded covalently to each other (fully occupied). Each carbon atom is tetrahedrally surrounded by H-atoms.

9. Liquid hydrocarbon is converted into gaseous hydrocarbon by __________
a) Oxidation
b) Hydrolysis
c) Cracking
d) Distillation
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Answer: c
Explanation: Under cracking with high temperature, the liquid form of hydrocarbon is converted into gaseous form.

10. Chlorination of alkanes is an example of __________
a) Radical
b) Elimination
c) Free radical
d) Addition
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Answer: c
Explanation: Free radical chlorination is a reaction that substitutes a chlorine for a hydrogen on an alkane.

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