Machine Dtawing Questions and Answers – Modify Commands & Properties


This set of Machine Drawing Questions and Answers for Campus interviews focuses on “Modify Commands & Properties”.

1. Which command is used to create multiple copies of selected objects in rectangular or polar form?
a) Change
b) Polar copy
c) Array
d) Pedit
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Answer: c
Explanation: Array command is used when an object is to be copied at different positions at regular intervals in polar form. It can be in the rectangular fashion also. To make multiple copies, first select an object, and then type ARRAY at the command line.

2. __________ command is exclusively used for editing of polygon properties or plines.
a) Grips
b) Line
c) Pedit
d) Explode
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Answer: c
Explanation: Pedit command is used to edit polygon properties or polyline or plines. Pline is a single entity which is made up of a continuous series of line and arc segments. The selected line, arc and polyline can be added to an existing polyline with a join option.

3. By default, for any corner, radius of fillet is _______
a) zero
b) one
c) infinite
d) two
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Answer: a
Explanation: Fillet is used to create a round corner between two lines at the corner. The lines are shortened or lengthened to fit a tangent arc of specified radius. Radius of fillet before applied is zero by default.
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4. Grips are used to ________
a) hide the drawing
b) modify operations
c) stop an object from moving
d) lock an object to fix the properties
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Answer: b
Explanation: Grips are small boxes that appear at specific locations on an object when clicked on it. Grip command is used to modify the objects, such as Move, Rotate, Scale and Mirror. Grips are ON by default.

5. Command used to bevel the corner at specified distances of intersecting lines is _________
a) Join
b) Fillet
c) Chamfer
d) Align
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Answer: c
Explanation: Chamfer is the command which works on two lines or a single polyline to create a beveled edge. This command is not directly shown on the modify panel. Designer has to click the triangle on the right side of the fillet icon, to get an option of fillet and chamfer.

6. A hexagon drawn with a polygon command has six lines. If you try to delete one of its lines, whole hexagon will be deleted. What should be done to edit it?
a) With Explode command break into separate entities
b) Erase with Erase command
c) Delete the hexagon and draw again
d) Use array command
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Answer: a
Explanation: Explode is the command which can break the multi-entity objects. Hexagon or any polygon should be broken into separate entities. Separated entities can be edited easily.

7. Pressing Ctrl and 1 key together is used for ________ command.
a) object selection
b) correcting mistakes
c) match properties
d) modify properties
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Answer: d
Explanation: Press Ctrl and 1 key together are used to modify properties command. Another method for it is to type PROPERTIES command on the command line. One of the methods is used to modify properties of existing drawing entity.

8. To modify the properties of an existing entity, it is not necessary to select the item.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: To change any property of the existing entity, it is necessary to select the item first. In order to modify properties, select the object first. Then, click Home tab on the ribbon and click the triangle at the bottom of Properties panel.

9. Which of the following short-cut key is useful for modifying the 3-dimensional visualization properties?
a) CTRL + 1
b) CTRL + 5
c) CTRL + 3
d) CTRL + 4
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Answer: a
Explanation: Three-dimensional visualization properties can be changed by modifying properties. CTRL + 1 is the key used for modifying properties. Shadow display and material properties can be changed in these options.

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