Machine Drawing Questions and Answers – Block


This set of Machine Drawing Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Block”.

1. A group of entities, named as BLOCK can be defined as ___________
a) selecting each item
b) crossing window
c) a special command
d) simple windowing
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Answer: c
Explanation: If a set of object is to be drawn repeatedly, it I better to make a BLOCK of those objects and save it for further use. This saves a lot of time for drawing objects that are used often. BLOCK is a special command with a group of entities.

2. Insertion base point of a block ________
a) has to be at its base
b) has to be on a specific surface only
c) should be on the block only
d) can be anywhere on the block or away from the block
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Answer: d
Explanation: Insertion point is a point where the base point of the block should appear. It can be anywhere on the block or away from the block. To specify an insertion point one has to specify his co-ordinates or to choose a point on the drawing.

3. BLOCK should be drawn with its important dimension as 1 or 10 or 100 and its base as horizontal.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: a
Explanation: It is good to draw a BLOCK with its important dimension as 1 or 10 or 100 and its base as horizontal. This helps to calculate the scale factor. Also, it will be easy to calculate the rotation angle while inserting a block.

4. MINSERT command is used to _________
a) make multiple blocks
b) insert the block in other drawings
c) insert a block at many places (in an array form)
d) insert many blocks randomly
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Answer: c
Explanation: MINSERT is a command which combines the features of INSERT command and rectangular ARRAY command. With MINSERT command, an array of a block can be inserted at the specific insertion point for any number of rows and columns.

5. EXPLODE command is used to_______
a) erase the drawing parts
b) break a block into separate entities
c) remove the enter key of the text command
d) delete the drawing quickly
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Answer: b
Explanation: If the block is to be inserted not as a group of objects but as a separate object, Explode command is used. It is provided at the bottom left of the Insert dialog box.

6. Scale factors in the X and Y directions for a block __________
a) can be different without mentioning at the time of saving a block
b) can be only in a particular ratio
c) should be the same
d) can be different if specially mentioned at the time of saving a block
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Answer: a
Explanation: While specifying a scale factor a value 1.0 is the default value and it inserts a block of the size used while making a block. Scale factors in X, Y directions can be different without mentioning at the time of saving a block.

7. How to retrieve a created and saved BLOCK in other drawings?
a) with insert command
b) with explode command
c) with array command
d) it is not possible to retrieve a created and saved block in other drawings
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Answer: a
Explanation: A block created and saved can be inserted in the other drawing with the help of INSERT command. Insert dialog box opens to specify the insertion point, rotation angle, scale factor, etc. At last click OK to insert the block at a specified location.

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