Machine Drawing Internship

Sanfoundry offers internships in "Machine Drawing". Read the complete details below regarding the internship requirements, eligibility criterior and the application process.

Pre-requisite / Skillset for Machine Drawing Internship

1. Intern should be aware of use BIS conventions in machine drawings.

2. Should know how to find lines/curves of intersection between two intersecting surfaces (or interpenetrating solids).


3. Should be able to sketch the various machine components.

4. Must be able to read and interpret the given production drawings, understand significance of assembly and detail drawings.

5. Should be able to describe BIS conventions used in machine drawing.

6. Should be capable of creating bill of materials and practicing various calculations.


7. Should describe the function of various machine components.

8. Should be aware of assembly and detail drawings.

9. Must be able to apply the drawing tools to show the assembly view of the component and mark suitable units, fit tolerance data.

10. Able to draw free hand sketches and assembly drawing.


11. Should be familiar with free hand sketches and assembly drawings.

Machine Drawing Internship Test

Intern has to take Machine Drawing internship test in which they will be asked 50 multiple-choice questions. They have to score grade A or A* on this test to be eligible for the internship. Here’s a sample set of questions on the Machine Drawing topic.

1. _______ is an object seen by a human eye.
(A) Perspective view
(B) Axonometric view
(C) Orthogonal view
(D) Isometric view
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Answer: A
Explanation: An object seen by a human eye is perspective view. In an orthographic view, the object is seen from different directions. The object is first rotated in horizontal plane about vertical axis to make an angle with the picture plane in Isometric view, which is a type of axonometric view.

2. Cost of manufacturing is ____________
(A) Inversely proportional to the amount of tolerance specified
(B) Directly proportional to the amount of tolerance specified
(C) Does not depends on tolerance specified
(D) Does depends non-linearly
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Answer: A
Explanation: Generally tolerance is provided in the narrow region, however, narrower the tolerance more difficult it is to manufacture a component thus the cost of manufacturing does depend on the tolerance specified and it is inversely proportional t0 the tolerance provided.

3. Which of the following option is not expressing the freehand sketch method of preparing drawing?
(A) Sketching is done with pencil and paper
(B) Lines may not be the exact length in such drawings
(C) It is good in learning process
(D) In sketching, circles are drawn with compass
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Answer: D
Explanation: Sketching is done with paper and pencil without any aid of special drawing apparatus. It is a preliminary drawing and good for learning process only.

4. To have uniformity in the drawings they are required to follow some drawing standards. These standards are available for drawing but not for any machine components.
(A) True
(B) False
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Answer: B
Explanation: Standards are available for any machine components and also for drawings. To have uniformity in drawing, designer should follow some drawing standards approved by International Standards Organization (ISO). In India, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has been assigned for standardizing the machine components for interchangeability of parts.

5. The position and orientation of the UCS origin is controlled by ________
(A) UCS command
(B) UCSICON command
(C) VIEW command
(D) MOVE command
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Answer: A
Explanation: Position and orientation of the origin are user coordinate system is controlled by UCS command. VIEW command is used to display the view dialogue box only. MOVE is the command used to move a drawing from one place to another.

Practice the full set of Machine Drawing Multiple Choice Questions before applying for the internship.

How to apply for the Machine Drawing Internship


1. Read the Sanfoundry Internship FAQs

2. Take the Machine Drawing Internship Test

3. Submit the Internship Application Form

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