Irrigation Engineering Questions and Answers – Categories of Dams

This set of Irrigation Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Categories of Dams”.

1. Aswan dam on Nile River in Egypt was perhaps the first modern dam of the world. Its construction was completed in the year _________
a) 1664
b) 1798
c) 1902
d) 1931
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Answer: c
Explanation: The first modern dam of the world was completed in 1902 and is constructed on the Nile River in Egypt at Aswan. It was designed primarily to control the flooding of the Nile River, to promote irrigation and for navigation along the river.

2. Which of the following is the only modern dam that has failed?
a) Koyna dam in India
b) Vega de Tera dam in Spain
c) Mauvoision dam in Switzerland
d) Trinity dam in California, USA
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Answer: b
Explanation: Vega de Tera Dam in Spain was wrecked by heavy rains resulting in the failure of the structure due to faulty design and poor construction. The koyna dam in India was on the verge of failure due to earthquake (in 1968).

3. Earthen dams are _________________
a) rigid dams
b) non-rigid dams
c) overflow dams
d) diversion dams
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Answer: b
Explanation: Earthen dams, Rock-fill dam, and combined earth and rockfill dam are all non-rigid dams. Timber dam, Steel dam, Arch dam, Buttress dam, and solid gravity dam are all rigid dams.

4. The prominent modern dam which has changed its name several times is _____________
a) Nagarjuna dam
b) Hoover dam
c) Bhakra dam
d) Idukki dam
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Answer: b
Explanation: The name of the Hoover dam was a political issue and it was first of all named as Boulder dam. Later it was changed to Hoover dam when Herbert Hoover became the President of America. In 1933, President Roosevelt changed this name again to Boulder dam for 14 years and then once again the name was changed to Hoover dam by Republicans which still exists today.

5. The famous Roosevelt dam in USA is of the type __________________
a) Rock-fill dam
b) Solid Masonry Gravity Dam
c) RCC arch bridge
d) A hollow masonry gravity dam
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Answer: b
Explanation: The Roosevelt dam was completed in 1911 on the Salt River of Arizona (U.S.A). It was constructed with the solid blocks of concrete which were of the type known as Solid Masonry Gravity Dam.

6. A _________________ dam is generally called as a weir or barrage.
a) storage dam
b) detention dam
c) diversion dam
d) rigid dam
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Answer: c
Explanation: A small dam constructed only to raise the water level on the upstream side for diverting it to the canals is called a diversion dam. Nangal Dam is an example of a diversion dam. It is actually called a weir or a barrage.

7. Multiple arch dam is an example of _______________
a) Arch dam
b) Shell-arch dams
c) Buttress dams
d) Coffer dam
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Answer: c
Explanation: In buttress dams, the load is mainly transferred to the supporting buttresses. The most common types of this dam are Deck slab type and multiple arch types. The multiple arch dams are used for higher dam heights.

8. Which type of dam design gives a wider choice of materials including earth-fill and rock-fill dams?
a) Non-overflow dams
b) Overflow dams
c) Rigid dams
d) Non-rigid dams
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Answer: a
Explanation: Non-overflow dams are not designed to be overtopped. Sometimes it is combined together with the overflow dam to form a composite single structure. Overflow dams are designed to pass the surplus water over their crest and are often called as spillways.

9. The highest concrete gravity dam of the world is the Grand Dixene dam in Switzerland whose height is ____________
a) 325 m
b) 317 m
c) 285 m
d) 272 m
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Answer: c
Explanation: This dam is a concrete gravity dam and is the highest gravity dam in the World with a height of 285 m. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation.

10. Which of the following is known as a debris dam?
a) Storage dam
b) Detention dam
c) Diversion dam
d) Rigid dam
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Answer: b
Explanation: The small dams which are constructed to delay and detain the flow of floodwater are called detention dams. They are called check dams also. It is sometimes constructed to trap sediments and is often called debris dams.

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