Human Physiology Questions and Answers – Chemical Coordination and Integration – Hypothalamus

This set of Human Physiology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Chemical Coordination and Integration – Hypothalamus”.

1. What connects hypothalamus to the pituitary?
a) Infundibulam
b) Corpus callosum
c) Anterior
d) Cerebral cortex
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Answer: a
Explanation: Infundibulam is a funnel shaped structure. It is the connection between hypothalamus and posterior pituitary.

2. Hypothalamus is a part of __________
a) Midbrain
b) Forebrain
c) Hind brain
d) Future brain
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Answer: b
Explanation: Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei with a variety of function. It links the nervous system to endocrine system.

3. Displacement of the set point in the hypothalamus is due to _________
a) Pathogens
b) Effectors
c) Receptors
d) Pyrogens
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Answer: d
Explanation: Displacement of the set point in the hypothalamus is due to Pyrogens. Pyrogens are a low molecular weight protein produced in response to stimulation by exogenous pyrogens and released into the circulation system.

4. Hormones produced in hypothalamus are _________
a) Oxytocin and estrogen
b) Oxytocin and testosterone
c) Oxytocin and Antidiuretic hormone
d) Oxytocin and thyroxine
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Answer: c
Explanation: Hormones produced in hypothalamus are Oxytocin and Antidiuretic hormone. They have their specific function and specific target site.

5. Which of the following events could be a result of damage to hypothalamus portal system?
a) Decreased secretion of ADH
b) Decreased secretion oxytocin
c) Decreased secretion TSH
d) Decreased secretion PTH
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Answer: c
Explanation: Secretion of Thyroid stimulation hormone will be decreased if there is any damage in hypothalamus region.
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6. Secretion of many anterior pituitary hormones are controlled by other hormones from _________
a) Pancreatic lobes
b) Adrenal gland
c) Hypothalamus
d) Thyroid gland
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Answer: c
Explanation: Hypothalamus controls the secretion of anterior pituitary hormones. It is present in the forebrain.

7. Which of the following consists of nerve tissue and down growth from hypothalamus?
a) Posterior pituitary
b) Anterior pituitary
c) Thymus
d) Adrenal
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Answer: a
Explanation: Posterior pituitary is the posterior lobe of pituitary gland. It is a collection of axonal projections from hypothalamus that terminate behind anterior pituitary.

8. If hypothalamus fails to secrete GnRH the effect would be _________
a) Hypersecretion of oxytocin
b) Hypersecretion of prolactin
c) Hypersecretion of pituitary gonadotropins
d) Hyposecretion of pituitary gonadotropins
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Answer: d
Explanation: GnRH is gonadotropin releasing hormone. They are released in gonads. If hypothalamus fails to secrete GnRH the effect would be Hyposecretion of pituitary gonadotropins.

9. Osmoreceptors in hypothalamus are involved in _________
a) Secretion of GH
b) Secretion of ADH
c) Secretion of ACTH
d) Secretion of Aldosterone
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Answer: b
Explanation: Osmoreceptors are sensory receptor found in hypothalamus. It detects changes in osmotic pressure.

10. GnRH directly stimulates release of _________
a) FSH
b) Progesterone
c) Estrogen
d) Thyrocalcitonin
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Answer: a
Explanation: GnRH directly stimulates the release of FSH. It regulates the development, growth, pubertal maturation, and reproductive processes of the body.

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