HTML Questions & Answers – HTML5 Introduction – 1

This set of HTML Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “HTML5 Introduction – 1”.

1. Which feature was already introduced before HTML5?
a) Canvas/SVG
b) Video
c) Geolocation
d) Frames
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Answer: d
Explanation: Until recently you could not draw on the web and graphics were not very interactive but canvas/SVG which were introduced by HTML5 solved all the problems. Video, Geolocation were also new features introduced by HTML5. Frames were already there before the launch of HTML5.

2. Which tag is used with JavaScript?
a) <canvas>
b) <table>
c) <article>
d) <footer>
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Answer: a
Explanation: <canvas> tag is basically used for graphics via scripting i.e. usually with Java Script (scripting language, basically used to create animations). Other tags like <table>, <article>, <footer> can be used simply with HTML.

3. What application can one create even before the introduction of HTML5?
a) Web applications
b) Mobile applications
c) Forms
d) Browser based games
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Answer: c
Explanation: With the help of HTML5 and JavaScript it became possible to create excellent mobile applications, browser based games, web applications and many more other applications. Forms were already introduced before HTML5.

4. What is the correct syntax of doctype in HTML5?
a) <!doctype html>
b) <doctype html!>
c) <doctype html>
d) </doctype html>
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Answer: a
Explanation: The correct syntax of HTML5 doctype is <!doctype html>, doctype is the very first thing to write in HTML5. <!doctype html> or <!DOCTYPE HTML> both are same because ‘doctype’ keyword is not case sensitive.

5. What if one does not use the doctype in the starting of HTML document?
a) Browser finds the document in quirky mode
b) Browser finds a document in standard mode
c) Browser stops working
d) Browser crashes after showing the page
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Answer: a
Explanation: If the browser finds <!doctype html> in the starting of an HTML document it sets the document in standard mode but if one does not use a doctype, the browser goes to quirky mode. In this mode, certain content will not be displayed as per one wrote that. So it is always recommended to write a doctype at the very start of the HTML document.
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6. Which of the following is not semantic element for text in HTML5?
a) <mark>
b) <time>
c) <wbr>
d) <article>
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Answer: d
Explanation: Semantic elements used for text are <mark>, <time>, <wbr> whereas <article>, <aside>, <figure>, <footer>, <header> etc. are the semantic elements for structuring a page in HTML5.

7. Which tag supports Non-English language?
a) <input>
b) <audio>
c) <embed>
d) <bdo>
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Answer: d
Explanation: <bdo>, <rp>, <rt>, <ruby> are some tags which support Non-English language. <input> is for web forms and <audio>, <embed> are the tags for audio and plug-ins.

8. Which element was not removed by HTML5?
a) <strike>
b) <center>
c) <small>
d) <big>
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Answer: c
Explanation: Although HTML5 adds new elements, it also kicked out some old elements like <big>, <center>, <font>, <tt>, <strike>. HTML5 adapted many elements also <small> is one among these. The <small> element represents “small print”.

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