HTML Questions & Answers – Adding Flash Videos


This set of HTML Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Adding Flash Videos”.

1. which extension flash file is to be saved?
a) .fla
b) .swf
c) .jpg
d) .gif
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Answer: a
Explanation: The flash file created in flash authoring environment, it is saved with .fla extension. If we want to use this file on a web page it has to be saved in a different format known as SWF. Its extension is .swf

2. For exporting movie into SWF format which element is used?
a) <object>
b) <video>
c) <datalist>
d) <dd>
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Answer: a
Explanation: We use <object> and <embed> elements for exporting movie into SWF format. A code is created by flash that can be used to embed Flash movie into the page. Traditionally these elements were used but now JavaScript has taken their place.

3. Which plugin is used to view Flash?
a) Firebug
b) Flash Player
c) Widget
d) Zotero
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Answer: b
Explanation: For viewing Flash the browser needs to use a plugin. A plugin is an extra piece of software that can be run in a browser. Here the plugin which is used is Flash Player. It is very common that 98% of the browsers have already Flash plugin installed inside.

4. Which one of the following does not support flash?
a) iPhone
b) android
c) windows
d) linux
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Answer: a
Explanation: Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 and launched an iPad in 2010, they decided not to support Flash. Flash content has been criticized because Flash content is not always accessible. In 2008 <video> and <audio> tags are supported by the browsers in HTML5.

5. Which one of the following is used for adding Flash in the web page?
a) CSS
b) jQuery
c) PHP
d) JavaScript
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Answer: d
Explanation: One of the most popular for adding Flash to the web page is using JavaScript. There is no need to understand this language in depth because there are many scripts already available that are available to do this.

6. Which one of the following is not used inside the <script> tag in Flash videos?
a) replace
b) location
c) version
d) id
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Answer: d
Explanation: There are five attributes that can be used inside the <script> tag in Flash videos namely width, height, version, location and replace. The minimum version of the Flash player needed to view the movie is specified by version. Width and Height of Flash movie are specified by width, height. The location of .swf file is specified by location.

7. Which one of the following is not the online video format available?
a) Ogg Theora
b) VHS
c) WebM
d) H264
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Answer: b
Explanation: Online there are movies available in many formats like Ogg Theora, WebM, QuickTime, AVI, Flash Video, MPEG, Windows Media etc. There are also some of the offline formats like DVD, VHS, BlueRay etc.

8. For playing Flash Video you need to convert video into the ___________ format.
a) FLV
b) BlueRay
c) WebM
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Answer: a
Explanation: For playing Flash video one must convert the video into FLV format. Flash 6, the Flash authoring environment comes with Flash Video Encoder to convert the videos into FLV formats. It also supports H264 format.

9. Which one of the following site will provide FLV player?
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Answer: a
Explanation: We need a player written in Flash for playing FLV files. The main purpose of it is to hold FLV movie and add controls like pause/play. There are two sites that offer FLV players and

10. WebM format is not supported by _______
a) Opera
b) Android
c) Safari
d) Firefox
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Answer: c
Explanation: Not all the browsers support the same video formats. WebM is supported by Chrome, Opera, Android and Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari support H264 format very easily. Some Flash player also supports H264 format and WebM.

11. Which attribute allows to show an image while downloading a video?
a) controls
b) poster
c) preload
d) none
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Answer: b
Explanation: The poster attribute allows us to specify an image to show at the time of downloading of video or until the user tells the video to play. Controls attributes indicate that browser should supply its own controls for playback the video.

12. codecs is used with _______
a) type
b) src
c) auto
d) loop
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Answer: a
Explanation: In multiple video sources we use codec which is used to encode the video. It is supplied within type attribute.

E.g. <video> <source src=”video/tommy.mp4” type= ‘video/mp4;codecs= “fyty.42E01E. mp4a.40.2”’ /> </video>

13. What can’t be the value of a quality attribute?
a) autolow
b) low
c) high
d) automedium
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Answer: d
Explanation: The quality parameter can have values including “low”, “medium”, “best”, “high”, “autohigh”, “autolow”. When it is set to “low” videopalyer will favor playback speed of video clip and anti aliasing will not be used.

14. Which is the best format to use in Firefox?
a) .MP4
b) .FLV
c) .OGG
d) .SWF
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Answer: c
Explanation: .OGG format is the best for the use in Firefox. We can use VLC to convert the video into this format. .FLV and .SWF is not supported by all the browsers. .MP4 is supported by Safari and Chrome at its best.

15. Full screen support will not work in ____________
a) Safari
b) Firefox
c) Internet Explorer
d) Opera
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Answer: a
Explanation: The full-screen is not supported by Chrome and Safari. In Firefox 3.6 we can view the full screen by the right-click. Rest of the browsers do support the full-screen property of the video.

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