Hadoop Questions and Answers – Lucene with Hadoop – 2

This set of Hadoop Questions & Answers for aptitude tests focuses on “Lucene with Hadoop – 2”.

1. All file access uses Java’s __________ APIs which give Lucene stronger index safety.
a) NIO.2
b) NIO.3
c) NIO.4
d) NIO.5
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Answer: a
Explanation: Index safety is provided in terms of better error handling and safer commits.

2. Point out the correct statement.
a) Every Lucene segment now stores a unique id per-segment and per-commit to aid in accurate replication of index files
b) The default norms format now uses sparse encoding when appropriate
c) Tokenizers and Analyzers no longer require Reader on init
d) All of the mentioned
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Answer: d
Explanation: NormsFormat now gets its own dedicated NormsConsumer/Producer.

3. During merging, __________ now always checks the incoming segments for corruption before merging.
a) LocalWriter
b) IndexWriter
c) ReadWriter
d) All of the mentioned
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Answer: b
Explanation: Lucene supports random-writable and advance-able sparse bitsets.

4. Heap usage during IndexWriter merging is also much lower with the new _________
a) LucCodec
b) Lucene50Codec
c) Lucene20Cod
d) All of the mentioned
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Answer: b
Explanation: Doc values and norms for the segments being merged are no longer fully loaded into heap for all fields


5. Point out the wrong statement.
a) ConcurScheduler detects whether the index is on SSD or not
b) Memory index supports payloads
c) Auto-IO-throttling has been added to ConcurrentMergeScheduler, to rate limit IO writes for each merge depending on incoming merge rate
d) The default codec has an option to control BEST_SPEED or BEST_COMPRESSION for stored fields
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Answer: a
Explanation: ConcurrentMergeScheduler does a better job defaulting its settings.

6. PostingsFormat now uses a __________ API when writing postings, just like doc values.
a) push
b) pull
c) read
d) all of the mentioned
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Answer: b
Explanation: This is powerful because you can do things in your postings format that require making more than one pass through the postings such as iterating over all postings.

7. New ____________ type enables Indexing and searching of date ranges, particularly multi-valued ones.
a) RangeField
b) DateField
c) DateRangeField
d) All of the mentioned
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Answer: c
Explanation: A new ExitableDirectoryReader extends FilterDirectoryReader and enables exiting requests that take too long to enumerate over terms.

8. SolrJ now has first class support for __________ API.
a) Compactions
b) Collections
c) Distribution
d) All of the mentioned
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Answer: b
Explanation: Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene.


9. ____________ Collection API allows for even distribution of custom replica properties.
d) None of the mentioned
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Answer: b
Explanation: Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest internet sites.

10. ____________ can be used to generate stats over the results of arbitrary numeric functions.
a) stats.field
b) sta.field
c) stats.value
d) none of the mentioned
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Answer: a
Explanation: stats.field allows for requesting for statistics for pivot facets using tags.


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