Fluidization Engineering Questions and Answers – Industrial Applications of Fluidized Bed

This set of Fluidization Engineering Interview Questions and Answers focuses on “Industrial Applications of Fluidized Bed”.

1. First commercial fluidized bed for gasification of powdered coal which was awarded patent in 1922, was developed by?
a) Fritz Winker
b) Colburn Jake
c) Dolph Jagger
d) Cameron John
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Answer: a
Explanation: Fritz winker developed it.

2. In below fig, how is the presence of another inlet of steam and air in the middle of the reactor useful?
Find the presence of another inlet of steam & air in the middle of the reactor useful
a) It results in proper distribution of particles
b) Resultant temperature leads to decomposition of methane
c) It has not much effect and can be excluded
d) For increasing the speed of solids exit
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Answer: b
Explanation: It adds additions heat energy and further increases temperature.

3. Based on the current technology, do you consider Winkler gas producer efficient and is still better to use?
a) Yes, it can still be used
b) Depending on the process we should decide its efficiency
c) No, because of its high consumption of oxygen
d) No, because it is big in size.
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Answer: c
Explanation: Due to its inefficient design, it leads to high oxygen consumption and large carbon loss by entrainment.

4. Which is the best suitable equipment to be introduced in the thermofor catalytic cracking?
a) Bucket elevator
b) Gas lift
c) Bucket and Lift elevator
d) Pneumatic conveying system
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Answer: d
Explanation: It provides smooth circulation of the reactants.

5. In below fig, which part of the process should be removed for getting better efficiency of the process?
Find part of the process should be removed for getting better efficiency of the process
a) Cooler for spent catalyst
b) Electrostatic precipitation
c) No need of any removal
d) Whole process needs to be modified
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Answer: c
Explanation: All the elements are present in the process, no need to remove any part of it.
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6. What is the best way to prevent load on the dust collectors in the fluidized bed reactor?
a) Up flow beds
b) Down flow beds
c) Side flow beds
d) None of the mentioned
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Answer: b
Explanation: Prevent the dust to reach the dust collectors by flowing them downwards.

7. Which bed shown below, can provide with remarkable temperature uniformity for highly exothermic and temperature sensitive reactions?
a) Fluidized bed reactor
b) Spouted bed
c) Teeter bed
d) Batch reactor
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Answer: a
Explanation: In fluidized bed, the air passing through the distributor, distributes the air throughout the reactor which indeed helps in uniform distribution of temperature.

8. Mention few processes where the solids circulation principle, developed for the FCC process has been used?
a) In fluid hydro-forming for re-forming naphtha vapour
b) Fluid coking for the treatment of heavy oil
c) Sand cracking for thermal cracking
d) All of the mentioned
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Answer: d
Explanation: All the above processes use solid circulation principle.

9. In drying processes, how important is the inclusion of fluidized bed?
a) Most efficient drying
b) Somewhat better than spouted bed and less than teeter bed
c) Drying is best all the beds
d) Least efficient drying
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Answer: a
Explanation: Presence of distributor helps in proper distribution steam hence better drying.

10. Efficiency in fluidized bed for any process is the highest when compared with any other beds, true or false?
a) True
b) False
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Answer: a
Explanation: The presence of distributor makes it the most efficient bed than other beds.

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