Farm Machinery Questions and Answers – Sowing Equipments – Furrow Openers

This set of Farm Machinery Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Sowing Equipments – Furrow Openers”.

1. Which of the following is not a type of furrow opener?
a) Shovel type
b) Shoe type
c) Disc type
d) Brush feed type
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Answer: d
Explanation: Brush feed type is a seed metering mechanism in which rotating brush regulates the flow of seed from the hopper. A number of bullock drawn planters in the country have brush feed mechanism.

2. Which of the following is not a type of a Shovel?
a) Reversible
b) Spear point
c) Reciprocating power
d) Single point
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Answer: c
Explanation: Reciprocating power is a type of harrow fitted with rigid tines driven by the power take off in a reciprocating, transverse or rotary motion as the machine moves forward.

3. What is the minimum carbon content and thickness of Shoe type furrow?
a) 0.5% and 4mm
b) 0.5% and 2mm
c) 0.2% and 4mm
d) 0.8% and 8mm
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Answer: a
Explanation: Shoe type furrow opener works well in trashy soils where the seed beds are not smoothly prepared. Shoe is made of carbon steel having minimum carbon content of 4% with a minimum thickness of 4mm.

4. What is the minimum diameter of seed and fertilizer tube in disc type furrow opener?
a) 30mm
b) 45mm
c) 60mm
d) 25mm
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Answer: d
Explanation: Seed tube is which carries the seeds from the metering device to the boot. Seed tubes are provided at the lower end of the feed cups. They conduct seeds from feed cups to the furrow lines through suitable boots and furrow openers. Polythene or rubber tubes are also used for this purpose. The minimum diameter of seed and fertilizer tube is 25 mm.

5. Which furrow opener has toe and ‘T’ shaped scrapers?
a) Reversible shovel
b) Double disc type
c) Spear point shovel
d) Single disc type
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Answer: d
Explanation: Single type furrow opener consists of one concave disc. It consists of a curved disc made of hardened steel. It is set at an angle which while operating, shift the soil to one side making a small ridge. The disc is kept clean by two scrapers, one toe shaped at the convex side and one ‘T’ shaped at the concave side.
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6. What is the range of the implement used in cultivator with seeding attachment?
a) 600-700mm
b) 400-500mm
c) 100-200mm
d) 900-1000mm
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Answer: a
Explanation: Three tyned cultivator with seeding attachment is used for sowing seeds in three rows at a time. This implement is drawn by a pair of average bullocks. The size of the implement is in the range of 600-700 mm only.

7. Which seed metering device mechanism in a planter brushes out excess seeds from the cells of the feed mechanism?
a) Edge drop
b) Cut off
c) Knock out
d) Flat drop
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Answer: b
Explanation: The seeds from the hopper are received by the rotating plates. The plate moves under Cut-off which allows only those seeds which are occupied in the cells. Cut-off is a mechanism which cuts off extra seeds from the cells of the feed mechanism.

8. What is the field capacity of a potato planter (semi-automatic)?
a) 0.15-0.25 ha/hr
b) 0.10-0.14 ha/hr
c) 0.40-0.55 ha/hr
d) 0.09-0.14 ha/hr
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Answer: a
Explanation: Potato planter is used for planting of potatoes. The semi-automatic potato planter consists of a hopper, metering disc and furrow openers. It may plant in 2-4 rows. Its field capacity may be 0.15-0.25 ha/hr. It may be run by a 20-25 hp tractor.

9. Which planter has six C-type blades on its flanges?
a) Potato planter
b) Low land paddy seeder
c) Rice trans planter
d) Zero till drill
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Answer: d
Explanation: Zero till drill consists of a 9-tyne seed-cum-fertilizer drill with a rotary blade attachment, operating in front of the furrow openers. The rotary attachment consists of a frame with nine flanges welded to the rotor. Each flange has six C-type blades.

10. What is the capacity of potato planter (Automatic)?
a) 1000-4000 potatoes/hour
b) 200-900 potatoes/hour
c) 6000-14000 potatoes/hour
d) 16000-32000 potatoes/hour
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Answer: c
Explanation: The automatic potato planter, which is a potato dropping mechanism contains a hopper and cups. The cup picks up the graded potatoes and carries to furrow opener spout and releases in the furrow. The fertilizer and pesticides can also be placed simultaneously. It can plant 2-4 in rows. Its capacity may be 6000-14000 potatoes/hour.

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