Farm Machinery Questions and Answers – Principles of Forced Feed System

This set of Farm Machinery Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Principles of Forced Feed System”.

1. The pump used in forced feed system of lubrication is ___________
a) Reciprocating pump
b) Centrifugal pump
c) Positive displacement pump
d) Negative displacement pump
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Answer: c
Explanation: Forced feed system of lubrication is a mechanical system of lubricating the I.C. engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearings.

2. Forced feed lubricating system is found suitable in ___________
a) Low speed engines
b) High speed engines
c) Forced feed engines
d) Pressure feed engines
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Answer: b
Explanation: The system is commonly used in high speed multi cylinder engine in tractors, trucks and automobiles.

3. Use of very thin lubricating oil in lubrication system causes ___________
a) Low of pressure
b) Less engine speeds
c) Higher fuel consumption
d) High thermal efficiency
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Answer: a
Explanation: Low oil pressure can result due to: weak relief valve spring, worn oil pumps, cracked oil line, obstruction in oil lines, very thin oil, worn out bearings.

4. Lubrication is needed in engines because of ___________
a) Viscosity
b) High temperature
c) Friction
d) Higher draft
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Answer: c
Explanation: Lubrication produces the following effect- reducing frictional effect, cooling effect, sealing effect, cleaning effect. Lubrication forms on oil fil between two moving surfaces and reduces friction and wear between two resulting surfaces.

5. In forces feed system of lubrication the pump is driven by ___________
a) Electric motor
b) 12 V battery
c) Cam shaft
d) Flywheel
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Answer: c
Explanation: The pump consists of a housing containing two spur gears, one fitted on the ide shaft and the other on main shaft which gets the drive from camshaft or crankshaft.
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6. In forced feed system of lubrication, the connecting rod bearings are lubricated through the ___________drilled holes in
a) Crank shaft
b) Cam shaft
c) Connecting rod
d) Crank case
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Answer: a
Explanation: Usually the oil first enters the main gallery which could be a pipe or channel, present in the crankcase casting. From the pipe, it goes to each of the main bearings through holes. From main bearings, it goes to big end bearing

7. In forced feed system of lubrication, the piston pins are lubricated by means of hole drilled in ___________
a) Connecting rod
b) Cam shaft
c) Crank shaft
d) Crank case
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Answer: a
Explanation: From main bearing oil goes to big end bearings of connecting rod through drilled holes in the crankshaft. From there, it goes to lubricate the walls, pistons and rings.

8. In forced feed system of lubrication, the oil pressure should be almost ___________
a) 30 kg/cm2
b) 20 kg/cm2
c) 10 kg/cm2
d) 3 kg/cm2
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Answer: d
Explanation: Oil pressure is an important factor in the durability of most internal combustion engines and with a forced lubrication system, oil is picked up by a positive displacement oil pump and is then forced into the oil galleries into bearings, such as the main bearings, big end bearings and camshaft bearings or balance shaft bearings.

9. In forced feed system of lubrication, the type of filter used ___________
a) By pass filter
b) Strainer filter
c) Screen filter
d) Half flow types
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Answer: a
Explanation: Wearing of part, oil consumption and operating cost of on engine can be considerably reduced by proper maintenance of oil filter. The filters used are: fall flow filter, by pass filter.

10. In force feed system of lubrication, the valve stem is lubricated through ___________
a) Camshaft hole
b) Rocker arm shaft
c) Crankshaft hole
d) Small pipe
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Answer: b
Explanation: A valve stem is a self-contained valve that opens to admit a gas into the chamber. It is automatically closed to prevent the gas from escaping and kept sealed by the pressure in the chamber. In force feed system of lubrication, the valve stem is lubricated through Rocker arm shaft.

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