Farm Machinery Questions and Answers – Cultivators

This set of Farm Machinery Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Cultivators”.

1. Which of the following is not a type of a cultivator?
a) Disc
b) Rotary
c) Tine
d) Off-set
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Answer: d
Explanation: Off-set is a type of disc harrow with two gangs in tandem, capable of being off-set to either side of pull. Two gangs are fitted behind the other.

2. A five-tine cultivator having tine spacing 8cm, working depth of 5cm and speed is 3km/hr. Turning loss is 10%. Soil resistance is 0.6 kg/cm2. Width of furrow is 5 cm. What will be the maximum draft?
a) 106 kg
b) 120 kg
c) 186 kg
d) 116 kg
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Answer: b
Explanation: Total width of cultivator = 8*5 = 40 cm = 0.40 m
Speed of travel = 3 km/hr = 3000 m/hr
Area covered/hr = \(\frac{0.40*3000}{10000}*\frac{90}{100}\) = 0.108 ha
Time required = 1/0.108 = 9.25 hr
Cross section of 5 furrows = 5*8*5 = 200 cm2
Maximum draft= 200 * 0.6 = 120 kg.

3. A tractor is attached with a 9-tine cultivator. While field testing, drawbar dynamometer shows an average pull of 14000 N. the speed of tractor is 6 km per hour. Find the power of the tractor.
a) 24 KW
b) 25 KW
c) 21.67 KW
d) 23.33 KW
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Answer: d
Explanation: Speed: \(\frac{6*1000}{60*60}=\frac{10}{6}\)m/s
Pull = 14000 N
Power = Pull * Speed
= 14000 * 10/6 N.m/s
= 23333.33 N.m/s
= 23333.33 Watts
= 23.33 KW.

4. What is the cutting angle range of a shovel?
a) 15°-20°
b) 34°-39°
c) 45°-49°
d) 50°-60°
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Answer: a
Explanation: Shovel is usually of reversible type. The width of the shovel varies between 50 to 75 mm and is made of steel having carbon content ranging from 0.5 to 0.6%. the cutting angle varies in the range of 15° to 20°.

5. What is the angle made by the three openings at the bottom of the funnel?
a) 110°
b) 100°
c) 106°
d) 120°
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Answer: d
Explanation: A seed funnel usually mad of mild steel sheet of about 0.70 mm thickness is fixed to the handle. At the bottom of the funnel there are three openings at 120° to each other leading to the seed tubes.
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6. What are the dimensions of a duck foot cultivator?
a) 225 cm long; 60 cm wide; 7 sweeps
b) 106 cm long; 90 cm wide; 7 sweeps
c) 120 cm long; 60 cm wide; 6 sweeps
d) 215 cm long; 50 cm wide; 10 sweeps
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Answer: a
Explanation: Duck foot cultivator is a type of rigid cultivator which is used mostly for shallow ploughing, destruction of weeds and retention of moisture. The sweeps are fabricated from high carbon steel. Number of sweeps can be reduced according to requirement. Usually this cultivator is about 225 cm long, 60 cm wide with 7 sweeps.

7. Which cultivators are operated by the tractors which are fitted with hydraulic lift?
a) Trailed cultivator
b) Mounted cultivator
c) Cultivator with spring loaded tines
d) Cultivator with rigid tines
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Answer: b
Explanation: Tractors fitted with hydraulic lifts operate the mounted type cultivators. A rectangular frame of angle iron is mounted on three-point hydraulic linkage of the tractor.

8. In which cultivator, the spacing of the tines are changed by slackening and sliding of bolts?
a) Cultivator with rigid tines
b) Cultivator with spring loaded tines
c) Duck foot cultivator
d) Mounted cultivator
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Answer: a
Explanation: Generally, rigid tines do not deflect during the working in the field. These tines are bolted between angle braces and tried to the main bars by use of good quality clamps and bolts. So, we can change the spacing simply by loosening of the bolts, adjusting the braces and then tightening the bolts.

9. A three-tine cultivator having tine spacing 6 cm, working depth of 3 cm and speed is 2 km/hr. Turning loss is 10%. Soil resistance is 0.6 kg/cm2. Width of furrow is 6 cm. What will be the required power?
a) 0.54 KW
b) 0.23 KW
c) 0.17 KW
d) 1 KW
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Answer: b
Explanation: Total width of cultivator = 6*3 = 18 cm = 0.18 m
Speed of travel = 2 km/hr = 2000 m/hr
Area covered/hr = \(\frac{0.18*2000}{10000}*\frac{90}{100}\) = 0.0324 ha
Time required = 1/0.0324 = 30.86 hr
Cross section of 3 furrows = 3*8*3 = 72 cm2
Maximum draft = 72 * 0.6 = 43.2 kg
Required power = \(\frac{Draft*Speed}{1000} = \frac{43.2*9.8*2*1000}{60*60*1000}\) = 0.23 KW.

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