Engineering Physics Questions and Answers – Superposition of Waves

This set of Engineering Physics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Superposition of Waves”.

1. Which is different from others by units?
a) Phase difference
b) Mechanical equivalent
c) Loudness of sound
d) Poisson’s ratio
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Answer: d
Explanation: Of all the given quantities, Poisson’s ratio has no units.

2. The waves, in which the particles of the medium vibrate in a direction perpendicular to the direction of wave motion, is known as __________
a) Transverse waves
b) Longitudinal waves
c) Propagated waves
d) Magnetic waves
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Answer: a
Explanation: In transverse waves, particles of the medium vibrate in a direction perpendicular of the wave

3. The waves produced by a motor boat sailing in water are __________
a) Transverse
b) Longitudinal
c) Longitudinal and transverse
d) Stationary
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Answer: c
Explanation: Transverse waves are generated on the water surface. Inside water longitudinal waves longitudinal waves are produced due to vibrations of the rudder.

4. For a wave propagating in a medium, identify the property that is independent of the others.
a) Velocity
b) Wavelengths
c) Frequency
d) All these depend on each other
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Answer: c
Explanation: Wave velocity=frequency×wavelength
Frequency remains unchanged while velocity and wavelength and interdependent.

5. A boat at anchor is rocked by waves, whose crests are 100m apart and velocity is 25m/s. The boat bounces up once in every __________
a) 2500s
b) 75s
c) 4s
d) 0.25s
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Answer: c
Explanation: ʎ=100m, v=25m/s
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6. A transverse wave passes through a string with the equation
Where x is in metres and t in seconds. What is the maximum velocity of the particles in wave motion?
a) 63m/s
b) 78m/s
c) 100m/s
d) 121m/s
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Answer: a
Explanation: y=10sinπ(0.02x-2t)

7. If equation of a sound wave is
Then its wavelength will be __________
a) 0.1unit
b) 0.2units
c) 0.3unit
d) 2unit
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Answer: a
Explanation: y=0.0015sin⁡(62.8x+314t)
y=asin⁡(2π/ʎ x+2π/T t)
ʎ = (2×3.14)/62.8=0.1unit.

8. The plane wave is described by the equation
Where c is in meters and t in seconds. The maximum velocity of the particles of the medium due to this is?
a) 30m/s
b) 3π/2 m/s
c) 3/4 m/s
d) 40m/s
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Answer: a
Explanation: y=3cos⁡(x/4-10t-π/2)

9. The equation of wave is given by
If the displacement is 5cm at t=0, then the total phase at t=7.5s will be __________
a) π/3rad
b) π/2rad
c) 2π/5rad
d) 2π/3rad
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Answer: d
Explanation: y=10sin⁡(2πt/30+α)
At t=0, 5=10sinα or sin α=1/2
Total phase at t=7.5s,

10. If two sound waves having a phase difference of 60°, then they will have a path difference of __________
a) ʎ/6
b) ʎ/3
c) ʎ
d) 3ʎ
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Answer: a
Explanation: ∆φ=60°=π/3

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