Engineering Metrology Questions and Answers – Combination Set

This set of Engineering Metrology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Combination Set”.

1. Which type of instrument is a combination set?
a) Used for highly precision works
b) A non-precision instrument
c) Used to check flatness only
d) A simple ruler with graduations on it
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Answer: b
Explanation: Combination set is a non-precision instrument which can be used to determine flatness, measuring angles, inspection and layout work etc. It is the most adaptable instrument.

2. Which of the following is not correct about combination set?
a) A squaring head is permanently fixed on the scale
b) Combination set can be used for layout work
c) Interchangeable heads are present in a combination set
d) Can be used in metalworking
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Answer: a
Explanation: Combination set has a scale on which heads are attached these heads are interchangeable which can slide along its length. They are not permanently fixed. They can be used for metalworking also.

3. Where the spirit level is present in a combination set?
a) Centre head
b) Squaring head
c) Scale
d) There is no spirit level on combination set
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Answer: b
Explanation: A combination set has scale, centre and square head, protractor, spirit level etc. A spirit level is present at the squaring head of the combination set which is used to check the parallelism of surface.

4. What is the angle of one surface of squaring head to the scale in combination set?
a) 105 degree
b) 60 degree
c) 75 degree
d) 90 degree
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Answer: d
Explanation: One surface of the squaring head is always at 90 degrees to the scale which is adjustable by a locking bolt and nut arrangement. There is a heavy scale in combination set which is grooved along its length.

5. What is the use of the centre head attachment with the scale?
a) Height measurement
b) Depth measurement
c) Locating centre of bar stock
d) Squaring operations
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Answer: c
Explanation: Scale and squaring head are used for measuring depth and height, and squaring operations. Scale and centre head are used for locating the centre. Part to be centred should place beneath the scale and against the sides of centre head for locating the centre.
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6. Which of the following option is correct for the given statements about protractor in combination set?
Statement 1: A protractor is permanently fixed on the scale of combination set.
Statement 2: The protractor head of combination set contains a spirit level.
a) F, T
b) T, T
c) F, F
d) T, F
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Answer: a
Explanation: The protractor is not permanently fixed but can slide along the scale. And for checking an inclination plane a spirit level is present on protractor head.

7. What is incorrect about the combination set?
a) A non-reversible type protractor head can be used
b) Cast iron heads have a black wrinkle finish
c) Protractor scale is graduated from 0-360 degree
d) Centre of a round block can be located by centre head
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Answer: c
Explanation: Protractor scale has 0-90 degree graduation on either side of centre or has 0-180 degree graduations. In some combinations sets, non-reversible types of protractor heads are also present.

8. Which of the following option is correct for given statements about combination set?
1) Combination set can be used as a simple ruler or scale.
2) Square head of combination head with scale can be used as a tri-square.
a) Statement 1 is true
b) Statement 2 is true
c) Both the statements are true
d) Both the statements are false
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Answer: c
Explanation: By detaching all the heads from a combination set, it can be used as simple ruler. Square head has 90 and 45 degrees edge so that it can be used as a tri-square.

9. Match the following apparatus with their suitable option:

A) Combination set                      1) Digital display
B) Electronic precision level           2) Comparator
C) Johansson mikrokator                 3) Extremely flat surface
D) Optical flats                        4) Sliding heads

a) A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3
b) A-2, B-3, C-1, D-4
c) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4
d) A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2
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Answer: a
Explanation: Combination set is a multipurpose instrument with a scale and one or more sliding heads on it. Electronic precision level has an LCD display. Optically flats are extremely flat surfaces which are used to check flatness of other surfaces.

10. Which is not a part of the combination set?
a) Scriber point
b) Spirit level
c) Centre head
d) Slip gauge
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Answer: d
Explanation: Scriber point is present in combination set for scribing. Spirit level is present on centre head and projector head. Slip gauges are the rectangular blocks and are not a part of combination set.

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