EMC Data Domain Training


Course Name
EMC Data Domain Training

Course Overview
This course on EMC Data Domain training provides information on configurations of Data Domain Storage System to efficiently store data written to the appliance. Configure appliances to present an NFS share or CIFS share, in NAS personality, and/or a virtual tape library, in VTL personality, to the backup storage node.


Target Audience

  • EMC customers, system engineers, and members of the EMC and partners, professional services community who are interested in configuration and best practices information when using the Data Domain appliances with NetWorker

Fee, Schedule & Registration
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BOOTP Relay Training Course Outline

Data Domain Storage System overview
The deduplication process
Key factors affecting the deduplication ratio
Space management
– Deduplicated data
Phasing deduplication into the environment
General NetWorker Settings and Considerations
SAN vs. NAS environments
Using the Data Domain Storage System with NetWorker in a SAN Environment
Data Domain Storage System SAN attach (VTL)
– Device discovery (persistent binding)
– Device drivers
– Scanning devices
Configuring the backup server
Simultaneous backups
Single library – multiple hosts
Virtual tape libraries
– Emulations
– Number of slots
– Assigning and unassigning virtual libraries
Virtual tape cartridges
Reclaiming space
Coping with previously multiplexed data
Using the Data Domain Storage System with NetWorker in a NAS Environment
General recommendations
Network connectivity
Backup-to-disk configuration
Mounting NFS shares
– AIX 5.2 and later
– HP-UX 11i
– Linux
– Solaris
Configuring CIFS shares
Staging Limitation
NetWorker cloning
Replicating Deduplicated Data
Replication considerations
Seeding (pre-populating the target system)

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