Electrical Machines Internship

Sanfoundry offers internships in "Electrical Machines". Read the complete details below regarding the internship requirements, eligibility criterior and the application process.

Pre-requisite / Skillset for Electrical Machines Internship

1. Intern should possess the ability to solve problems associated with DC and AC Machines.

2. The ability to test and control different machines based on the familiarity of basic concepts and working principle is required.


3. Intern should have the ability to choose appropriate machines for a given application while carrying out projects.

4. Ability to apply the knowledge gained to choose appropriate machines for specific application useful for the society is required.

5. Should be familiar with the latest developments related to machines.

6. Should have the ability to acquire knowledge of stepper motor.


7. Formulate and analyze the basic construction, working principle and characteristics of various electrical machines.

8. Must be able to evaluate the performance characteristics of motor drives for mechanical load requirements to design torque, speed and position controller in an energy efficient manner.

9. Should be able to describe the various electrical drives with basic structure, operation and characteristics.

10. Intern must be capable of analyzing the structure of electric drive systems and their role in various applications and requirements placed by mechanical systems on electric drives.


11. Intern should be able to illustrate the basic concepts of solid-state drives in controlling of DC motor and induction motors.

12. Must possess the ability to design and install electrical machines and drives in an industrial environment.

Electrical Machines Internship Test

Intern has to take Electrical Machines internship test in which they will be asked 50 multiple-choice questions. They have to score grade A or A* on this test to be eligible for the internship. Here’s a sample set of questions on the Electrical Machines topic.

1. The energy storing capacity of magnetic field is about ________ times greater than that of electric field.
(A) 50,000
(B) 25,000
(C) 10,000
(D) 40,000
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Answer: B
Explanation: As the energy storage capacity of the magnetic field is higher, it is most commonly used as coupling medium in electro-mechanical energy conversion devices.

2. Which of the following are applications of singly excited magnetic systems?
(A) electromagnets, relays
(B) moving-iron instruments
(C) reluctance motors
(D) all of the mentioned
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Answer: D
Explanation: All of the applications mentioned above needs singly excited magnetic systems.

3. All practical electromechanical energy conversion devices make use of the magnetic field rather than the electric field as the coupling medium. This is because ________
(A) electric field systems present insulation difficulties
(B) electric field systems have more dielectric loss than the magnetic loss, for the same power rating of the machine
(C) in electric field systems, for normal electric field strength, the stored energy density is high
(D) in magnetic field systems, for normal magnetic flux density, the stored energy density is high
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Answer: D
Explanation: As the energy storing capacity of the magnetic field is higher, magnetic field as coupling medium is most common in electromechanical energy conversion devices.

4. The final forms of the expression for generated EMF and torque,for AC and DC machines differ, because ____________
(A) the fundamental principles underlying their operation are same
(B) the fundamental principles underlying their operation are different
(C) their construction details are same
(D) their construction details are different
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Answer: D
Explanation: Though AC and DC machine have same operating fundamental principles, their construction details differ.

5. The basic torque and EMF expression of rotating electrical machines are ____________
(A) applicable to DC machines only
(B) applicable to AC machines only
(C) applicable to both AC and DC machines
(D) none of the mentioned
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Answer: C
Explanation: Basic torque and EMF expressions are same for both AC and DC machines as the fundamental principles underlying the operation of AC and DC machines are same.

Practice the full set of Electrical Machines Multiple Choice Questions before applying for the internship.

How to apply for the Electrical Machines Internship

1. Read the Sanfoundry Internship FAQs

2. Take the Electrical Machines Internship Test

3. Submit the Internship Application Form

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