Computer Fundamentals Questions and Answers – Abbreviations Related to Internet


This set of Computer Fundamentals Assessment Questions and Answers focuses on “Abbreviations Related to Internet”.

1. XML stands for?
a) Extensions Made Language
b) Extensible Markup Language
c) Extensible Major Language
d) Extensible Minor Language
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Answer: b
Explanation: XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It allows information to be shared among different computer systems on the Internet.

2. AAA stands for Anonymous Administrative Authority.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: The statement is false. AAA stands for Autonomous Administrative Authority.

3. API is?
a) Advanced Processing Information
b) Application Processing Information
c) Application Programming interface
d) Application Processing Interface
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Answer: c
Explanation: API is the application programming interface. It is a set of instructions that allow the creation of applications.
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4. GSM stands for?
a) Global System for Monitoring
b) Graphical System for Mobile Telecommunications
c) Graphical System for Monitoring
d) Global System for Mobile Telecommunications
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Answer: d
Explanation: The answer is Global System for Mobile Telecommunications. It uses a variation of multiple access on the basis of time and is widely used in Europe.

5. IN stands for?
a) Input
b) InterNet
c) Intelligent Network
d) IntraNet
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Answer: c
Explanation: IN stands for Intelligent Network. It is a telephone network that provides technical services.

6. FTP stands for?
a) File Text Protocol
b) File Transfer Protocol
c) Firm Transfer Protocol
d) File Transplant Protocol
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Answer: b
Explanation: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a type of internet service use for the transmission of files.

7. PDU stands for?
a) Protocol Data Unit
b) Professional Data Unit
c) Protocol Distributed Unit
d) Professional Distributed Unit
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Answer: a
Explanation: PDU stands for Protocol Data Unit. It is transmitted as a single unit to other units in a computer network.

8. A tag similar to that of the bold tag.
a) <strong>
b) <cite>
c) <code>
d) <i>
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Answer: a
Explanation: <strong> is a container tag in html that is similar to bold. It makes the text more valuable as well as bold.

9. ISP is?
a) Intranet System Processing
b) Internet Service Provider
c) Intelligent System Processing
d) Intranet Service Provider
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Answer: b
Explanation: ISP stands for Internet Service provider. It is a service that provides access to the internet.

10. NE stands for __________ element.
a) name
b) network
c) new
d) normal
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Answer: b
Explanation: The answer is network. NE is the network element. It is any logical entity.

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